Wbc_logo_4Title Game Features Worthy Teams

As dissapointed as I am that the US team were booted out early, I have to say that I am just as intrigued in the two teams that are left to fight it out Monday in the WBC title game. The team from Japan has overcome many obsticles to get here and showed that they belong with a shutout against Korea. Cuba seemed to breeze through the tournament pacing the world all-stars in their run.

Flag_japan_3 The Prediction
The fact that Japan has beaten the best teams getting to the championship game puts them as the favorites in my opinion…and well I’m always right. I’m trying to find out who will be pitching for the Japanese team and I’m hoping it’s Daisuke Matsuzaka because I haven’t seem him pitch yet and I heard he is phenominal. I’m a big fan of the way the team plays, kind of like the Marlins in their title run in 2003. It’s all about the small ball and somewhere in Chicago, JP is smiling.

I’m hoping for a close, nail-biting game with Japan as the victors. We’ll see.

Marlinslogo_5Fish On A Roll
The title seems like it should be on the school caffeteria lunch menu, but the fact of the matter is that the Marlins continue to show their stuff this spring with a 5-0 victory over the Mets, improving their record to 11-6. Scott Olsen looked great during his five innings and the pen held the game together as former Met Mike Jacobs homered against his old team. I’m looking at the boxscore and it says that he hit it off of Jorge Julio, however Julio was not charged with an earned run. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the game, but that is just beyond me. Anyone have an answer as to why this is, other than a typo, let me know.

Big 10, Are You There? It’s me, Bobby.
What the heck happened to the Big 10 basketball teams? Let’s review:

Iowa– Falls to NW ST. in the first round
Indiana– Lost to Gonzaga
Michigan St.– Lost to Geoge Mason in round one
Wisconsin – Another B10 first round loss to Arizona
Ohio State – Gets crushed in round two to Georgetown

You gotta be kidding me! Being a Michgan fan, I still root for the Big 10 when I can, unless it’s OSU. With said garbage university now out of the tourney, there are now no more teams left. Still the best conference in college for any sport.

I have picked Gonzaga to go all the way many times over the past few years, but they always come up short. I’d like to think this is the year they finally take home the championship. This year, I chose Nevada just because I felt like it. Heh, well, two of my final four teams were eliminated in the first round. I always stink at picking the final four, mainly because I don’t use common sense, just what teams I like. Go Zags!

One comment

  1. Kellia

    Michigan for you, Indiana for me. And rooting for OSU would have been hard for me too. Check out what I wrote on my blog about what to do next. It’s in the timing is everything entry.

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