About deepfried

Sports, especially baseball, comes second
only to my kids and wife. My better half may say it’s the
other way around because sometimes I can get a little
obsessive about it. I’ll even sneak a peak at MLB.tv when I’m
in my office at work(I love technology!) Yes, I did get
caught once….and yes, I still do it. That passion didn’t
come from my immediate family as sports wasn’t that big of a
deal. However, my Grandmother had a sewing business she ran
from her basement and one of her clients were the Rochester
Red Wings. One of the perks were free tickets to Silver
Stadium that I used often. I was able to see the jersey’s
from top prospects to stars that were rehabbing. The Wings
were the AAA affiliate of the Orioles as they had been for
years, and this is why they were and still are my favorite
team. I was sad to see the two organizations part ways, but
in the interest of the fans, the Wings made a good choice in
joining the Twins. My Grandfather, “Grandaddy” as we would
all call him, was a scout for the Pirates many years ago.
This is the person I think gave me that baseball blood. The
year before he died, I was able to take him to a Marlins
game, talk baseball and just enjoy him and the stuff he knew.
Now, I am one of the worst athletes on the planet….not by
choice, by genes. That’s okay though, you don’t have to play
well to love it. What I am good at, for some reason, is
cooking. Which is the career path I decided to take. One of
the most exciting things I have ever done, was appearing on
the Food Network…cooking for the Florida Marlins back in
July of 2000. It’s weird seeing myself on tv, but it was a
great experience. I was able to meet the likes of Preston
Wilson, Mike Lowell, Kevin Millar,Luis Castillo, A.J. Burnett
and my favorite, Ron Mahay. Everyone was really nice, but Ron
went out of his way to talk to me and make me feel
comfortable in the clubhouse. I have a picture of him and his
daughter that I wanted to give to him with a thank you. It’s
on my list of things to do in the next year or so. This all
leads up to why I chose the Marlins to write about. Through
the years, I have followed them as close as the Orioles.
Since the show was done, I have had a special bond with that
team. I never thought I could switch favorite teams,
especially the O’s, but the Fish are moving up quickly. See,
I told you I was obsessed about sports….even when I write
about myself, its sports related. My wife just sighs in the


Sports, cooking, attempting web
design(HA!), cheese and all sorts of geeky computer