Many things have been going on in my life over the past month, some pretty bad. But what has truly kept me in good spirits is the play of my beloved Florida Marlins. From being one of the worst teams in the majors to climbing into third place in the NL East and eyeballing the wild card is one heck of a feat.  I don’t hate Atlanta, if anything I respect that franchise and its front office and Manager tremendously, but it sure is nice to see them in last place.

In one of the few times I get to see the Fish play on real TV, it of course is raining. From what I gather they will try everything to get the game played at some point today.

A few more comments on the Marlins:

Hanley Ramirez has fallen way off the mark ever since he fell on his back a few weeks ago. Still, he is contributing to this team as a leadoff hitter and is surpassing my intitial expectations for him. Jeremy Hermida’s time on the DL has cost him dearly this year. He will still be a super stud in the game and probably heat up this year, but so far he hasn’t made the impact I was hoping for as of yet. The surprise of the year that not one of us as Marlin fans saw coming was the immergence of Dan Uggla. His consistant play defensively and his hot bat makes me happy Pokey Reese decided to go AWOL. Thanks Pokey!

Enough for now, my fingers are now juiced back up so I’ll be writing about the thing that you really don’t care about more often….and you’ll like it.



  1. Zoe

    Glad to hear you won’t be too steamed if the Mets win the division, but Bobby–no jinxing now!! There’s a lot of season left. The Marlins have had a couple great seasons in the past few years, but I hope we get our turn now!

    Thanks for stopping by http://www.pickmeup.mlblogs.com/!

  2. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Marlins have been fun to watch. I told everyone they wouldn’t be awful after the overhaul…it’s what they live for. If they finish .500 it is a huge story. Of course, there’s the matter of whether Dontrelle will be around to see it, but whoever they trade for always seems to make a difference.



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