Wbc_logo_2Better Than Advertised

The WBC started off with a great matchup of talent between Cuba and Venezuela. The defensive game was amazing on both ends and the contest was interesting until Venezuela fell apart in the sixth inning when Cuba scored five runs and ran away with the game.

Flag_japan_2 Flag_usa_5

So what if it was a bad call, right? The run was taken away and possibly the win from Japan when umpire Bob Davidson reversed a safe call by the second base umpire. Oh well! Look, something like a reversal is uncommon but not unheard of. That is why there are more umpires on the field and not just one. They are only human and it’s hard to see everything, so they check themselves. Mistakes are part of the game and we all have to deal with it just like during the regular season. Just like that **** home run call when Jeffrey Maher interfered in the game and the Yankees beat the O’s. I’m still bitter at that but again, it’s all part of the game and I accept that. It’s all about overcoming these mistakes and the true champions will do that. The joke around Marlinsbaseball.com when Derek Lee was the first baseman was that he was Anti-Clutch. It seemed whenever he was up with the game on the line, he choked. Well, during the WBC he has been anything but the Anti-Clutch tag. His bat is hot and the US wouldn’t be where they are without him. It’s also about time the $250 million dollar man came through with a big hit this tournament. A-Rod is the type of player that can do that on any given night but didn’t show it until today. I also loved seeing the enthusiasm from the US players with that win. Kind of showed the world that we really are excited about this tourney and that the players are giving it their all for the championship.

Marlinslogo_4 Fish and Shadez on Fire
Hanley "Shadez" Ramirez cranked two homers today giving the Fish another ST win today. I know it’s early to get really excited about a rookie, but he is no Abe "OMGNunez" Nunez. Shadez has been a top prospect on the Red Sox and in my opinion is best in the Marlins system that is close to or ready for ML time. I’m telling you what, this team is going to surprise you guys and I for one can’t wait to get it started for real. The Marlins upped their record to 9-2 and are facing the Orioles tomarrow.

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