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Blogger_logoDeep Fried Fish Moving To….

Deep Fried Fish, probably the only Marlins blog on MLBlogs.com is in talks with Google’s Blogger on relocating the blog to a new market. The news isn’t surprising as Deep Fried Fish has been trying to secure a new, multi-dollar blog template over the past year. However, Mark Newman, one of the officials at MLBlogs is adamant of not spending any of the MLBloggers money on a new, yet much needed redesign. I’ve stated over much of the past off-season that in order to get more traffic to the Deep Fried Blog it is completely necasary for these new templates to be constructed or the blog will continue to lose money…well, I suppose money isn’t really made here but still, it sounds good.

Critics of the Marlins Blog relocation have their doubts on the actual move even taking place. Blogger is the front runner yet it has the same if not less of a fan base for the Marlins as MLBlogs does and it has way too many blogs to look at so the blog may wind up drifting in never-never land with zero readership.

Other blog sites we’re considering include the TypePad main site, Word Press and the MarlinsBaseball Blogs. The Las Vegas blog sites have shown much interest, but due to the issue of legalized gambling, they are way down the list of candidates. Wait a minute, legalized gambling??!! I’m there!

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