CanadaflagUS, eh?
Wow. First off, I was watching the Cuba-Panama game and by far this was the most intense game I’ve seen this tournament. Funny thing is, it’s the first I’ve seen. Anyway, the US looked seriously outmatched against a much weaker Canadian team. I had to cut away when it was 5-0 and when I got back on it was 8-2 with the bases loaded and BOOM! Tek just belted that grand slam. I was actually about to start my workout so that got me pumped to do the stairmaster, er,uh, bench 500 pounds. Looks like the Americans have their work cut out for them…but I’m not too worried.

Fish Bombs
The Marlins offense is on serious fire! Another win today beating the BoSox 12-1 and bringing their spring record to 5-1. AGon and Lowell combined to go 0-6 against their former team and Shadez going 3-3 against his former organization. Hey, I know it’s only spring, but at 250-1 odds on the Fish taking the Series…you better jump on it cuz we’re hotter than you think.

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  1. Kellia

    The Cuba-Panama game was great. (I also saw the DR-Ven. game that was almost as great). But as terrific as some of these games are, they also point out the pitfalls of playing this tournament so early in the year. In a regular season game, Bruce Chen (Panama) might have been left in another inning or two, the way he was going. South Africa gave Canada a scare, but I read that in the 9th, their guy on the mound was 17 years-old. For Pete’s sake, that’s high school!

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