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Marlinslogo_20Give It Up…Take It Back
Should I sit here and write about the great win the Marlins had tonight? Maybe. I could also point out that we won a close game for once. Possibly throw in the clutch pinch hit by Hanley Ramirez to get that lead and continue to give him props for a consistantly good season in his rookie year.


With a 5-0 lead in the third inning, the Marlins, including the atrocious bullpen, allowed the Nationals to chip away at that lead finally giving way in the seventh inning when Brian Schneider blasted a homer off of Franklyn German. I like Brian Moehler, but we need to get him out of the rotation. He might fare better in the pen and give it a little more stability. You really can’t do much worse than how he is pitching so I suppose Joe can throw anyone in the spot. It will be just another guy he can keep in to throw 130 pitches and give up 10 runs in the process. I believe this win takes us off pace to break the Mets modern record for losses of 120.

Little_league_logo This Week In T-Ball

Starting later this week, I’ll be writing about my tenure as a T-Ball coach. We’re playing two games a week and from the looks of it, this is going to be a fun, yet trying time. Hope you get a kick out of some of the stories and the pictures I post here.

Toys 3

Mlblogslogo_4Tips & Tricks For Your Blog; Today’s Tip-Standings
This is the code for the standings, which automatically goes to the NL East for the Marlins. I’m sure if you look around, you can find the code that starts on your favorite teams standings. You can use the same procedure as the previous entries.

<iframe width="174" scrolling="no" height="210" frameborder="0" src="http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/components/standings/mini3.jsp?c_id=fla&quot; size="50" border="0"></iframe>

Toys 2

Marlinslogo_16Girardi Needs Help

After 23 games this year, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • Joe Girardi is way too wet behind the ears. Leaving Dontrelle Willis in after he was obviously struggling was a HORRIBLE decision. He gave up the lead and continued to get shelled. Another Girardi mistake below.
  • Mike Jacobs is not ready to be in the bigs at this time. He is batting .179 and showing no signs of improving. Put in Wes Helms at first…He at least has proven he can hit better than Jacobs. Make no mistake though, Jacobs will be a solid MLB player, just not now.
  • The Marlins have no bullpen. We need to do something here or the season will only get worse.
  • The defense is sad. I’m too lazy to look up the stats, but every game I’ve watched, which is at about 90%, I have seen sloppy play that were logged as errors but what’s worse is the garbage that isn’t logged. This team needs to work on fundamentals.

Tips & Tricks For Your Blog; Today’s Tip-Scoreboard 

Scoreboard– use the exact same procedure as the previous trick and paste
this code into the "Notes" area. Here’s the procedure again if you don’t feel like scrolling down:

  • create a new Typelist as a link and give it a name
    like "Standings"
  • go to the "Manage" tab 
    in the "Notes" area, paste the code that is given
    to you there 
    click "save & update"
  • go to the "Configure" tab 
    scroll down to the area that says "as text" and
    click it to choose it and save changes.


Here is the code for the MLB scoreboard to paste:

<iframe scrolling="auto" frameborder="1" align="middle" id="external" src="http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/box-scoreboards&quot; border="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="width: 171px; height: 140px;">

Have fun, let me know how it works on your site!



Give This A Look

Renter2A Yoga Coffee Outlook

One of the interesting ways to get more readers to my blog is to "sell" space for other blogs through BlogExplosion. I’m happy this person advertised here because she actually has a pretty interesting blog. I don’t even know her, but she likes lacrosse and that alone is high in my book. It seems she also has an online women’s store at Hibelu.com so check it out as well! Not sure what a Hibelu is though.Enjoy!


Marlinslogo_15And The Marlins Are Really Bad!

Yeah, a quick blurb on the Fish. We’re only what, 20 games into the season and the Marlins look like they are giving away games to the highest bidder. Simple math would have 100 losses going for $300,000 each. That’s enough to get the stadium deal done!


Mlblogslogo_2 Tips & Tricks For Your Blog; Today’s Tip-

1. Ads I use AdBrite. Just sign up for an account and
set the costs for advertising on your site. My page for
selling ads is:

Now, in order to use it on TypePad (MLBlogs), this is
what you need to do:

  • create a new Typelist as a link and give it a name
    like "Sponsors"
  • go to the "Manage" tab 
       in the "Notes" area, paste the code that is given
    to you there
  • click "save & update"
  • go to the "Configure" tab
  • scroll down to the area that says "as text" and
    click it to choose it and save changes…
    That should then show the text that links to your new

I decided to stretch this out over a few days so maybe I can get some more traffic. Eh, give a little, get a little!


First Win!

Marlinslogo_14In A One Run Game Anyway

Scott Olsen pitched a great game tonight giving up only one earned run in 6 2/3 innings tonight against the Phillies. The Marlins were previously 0-5 in one run games until tonight. This comes in the first game after the disasterous loss to Cincy and Joe Girardi getting PO’d:

"That’s embarrassing," said Girardi after the second brief postgame team meeting of the three-game series and before a reporter could get the first question out. "Seventeen days in, we can’t keep making mistakes. We’re working our butts off, and we can’t throw it away by trying to do too much.
"This was our first chance to win a series. We had a chance to win a series. The way you make the playoffs is you win series. You don’t give series away."

The Marlins looked like a team with a mission and looked solid the whole game, sans Miggy’s fourth error on the season. It could have just been me, but it seemed when a hard grounder went his way, he may have gotten to the ball by diving or something, and he just let it go by. Meh, whatever.

So today, we recieved our hats that we got from MLB.com Shop. After pricing it out, we got a better deal with them than at a store. Plus up here in NY, there isn’t much of a Marlins selection if that wasn’t too obvious. I bought that Black on Black hat while my wife got the girlie pink one. We’ll see how comfortable this hat is in the middle of summer though. I really spend way too much money on this site. In addition to me buying apparel online, I have this blog plus MLB All Access. I was going to try and get a fantasy league going as well, but nobody wanted to join up with me! Probably for the better though.

By the way, tomarrow morning is the Heart Walk I’ve been plugging over the past two months. Looks to be a little rainy, but should be a success and alot of fun.



The Marlins aren’t playing as bad as their record shows, but this season really has been painful. Potential wins are are being squandered too easily. The Fish can’t afford to lose those close games, especially to mediocre teams like Washington, Cincinatti and San Diego. Here’s that silly little montage I threw together which shows some things that consume us as Marlin fans. I’m sure I’ll get better at these as time go on, in the meantime, deal with it. Hopefully we can pull out a win tonight against the Reds.


Create your own video at One True Media

Happy Birthday!

MlblogslogoLet The Festivities Begin!

I know I should wait until it becomes more clear what the guys here at MLBlogs have in store for us, but I can’t. It’s about 12:18am EST and I can’t sleep. Vacation will do that to you. Anyway, about 2 posts ago, if you feel like scrolling, I talked about my blog and why I write what I write. I’d like to kick today off with a comment on some of my favorite MLBloggers and why they are such an important part of this community.

Time Out! Something is going on with the server…I wonder what it is, maybe a facelift on the site? While I’m waiting for the home page to quit loading, I’ll make a quick note about a bloggers ****. Ok, it’s on now and nothing happened…anyway, there were so many times when my fingers started smoking because I was typing so much and just as I was about finished, I hit a phantom key and my browser moves backwards…and erases everthing I wrote. Talk about wanting to throw my computer out the window! Afterwords instead of writing it again, I’ll make a highlight reel of the post. Should have done that in the first place! Now, I constantly copy/paste onto MS Word when I’m writing alot until it actually is published.

DiamondbackslogoOK, on to my first favorite blog. It belongs to Kellia at Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes. Most of the blogs by the fans here are dedicated to a certain team. Kellia on the other hand dedicates her blog to Eric Byrnes, formerly of the Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies &Baltimore Orioles, currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks. What’s even more amazing when you think about it (and I’m sure I’ll get zinged for this) is that she does this for just an average player. We’re not talking Cal Ripken here. But what that tells me is that she really is a dedicated baseball fan. On top of that, she makes every single post enjoyable to read including the ones about Byrnsie. She also has great insight on the going-ons in MLB and gives us some great reads with all of it. Thanks for the hard work you put in your blog Kellia!

Nyyankeelogo I’ve had a blast over the past year checking in on Da Bronx Bombers. There is always a clever photshopped picture or a video skit about the Yankees and anything else he feels like doing. I wish I can be so talented at stuff like that. You guys have to deal with my cheesy cookie cutter videos and pictures. In my opinion, this really is in the top 5 of all of the MLBlogs. The work that is put into his blog should be commended and so I write here….Great job, and keep it up. It wouldn’t be the same with out your humor.

I’ll continue with my thoughts on more MLBloggers tomorrow(or today) plus I put together a very cheesy photo montage of my down spiraling Marlins that will be properly titled, "Pain".

A Look Back-April 2005

First_post_2MLBlogs- Year One
It seems I started blogging here a bit later than I had previously thought. May 1st to be exact. Yeah, I jumped all over that marlins.mlblogs.com name thinking I pulled one off. I still have yet to see another Marlins blog around here and frankly, I don’t want to see one. I mean, think about it. I have the market cornered. Whenever something with the Marlins happens thats newsworthy, who gets the plug? Me, that’s who. Eh, seriously though, I really would like to see some other Marlin Blogs on here. We need all of the support we can get. You just can’t have the "marlins" sub-domain!

I had a few ideas in mind that went the way of the Dodo Bird. I wanted to do a monthly "Best of the Best" that featured the top players of the past month. I guess it was too much work on my part because it lasted like, one post. I thought throwing out the occasional ballpark eats recipe would be fun.  Not much going on there either. One thing is for certain…I can find some humor in what is happening to my team and write about it. I don’t blog after every single game because I really don’t see the point. That’s what the sportswriters do and they can do it alot better than I can. My goal is to write about the not so obvious things from the games or offer a little more insight from a fans point of view instead of the AP type stories.

Here’s to another great year of blogging on this site and I hope all of the new recruits hang around after their one month freebie is up. I’d like to make this the largest, most read, organized baseball blogging network on the internet.

Full of Talent

I gotta say that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have got to have one of the brightest futures in baseball as far as talent goes. Who wouldn’t want this roster come 2007 or 2008:

Jorge Cantu
BJ Upton
Rocco Baldelli
Carl Crawford
Jonny Gomes
Delmon Young
Aubrey Huff
Joey Gaithright
Julio Lugo(might not be in future plans)

Scott Kazmir
Edwin Jackson

Now all they need is another top starter or two and they are set. I would even imagine they could trade Gaithright or Huff for said starter and still have an amazing outfield. Now only if their fans can pull it together and come to the games, maybe when these players begin to peak, they can actually sign them long term.

Watch out Yankees, here come the D-Rays.

On a side note, their uniforms/colors are in my top five all time. Scold me all you want with that comment, but I love green.