Happy Birthday!

MlblogslogoLet The Festivities Begin!

I know I should wait until it becomes more clear what the guys here at MLBlogs have in store for us, but I can’t. It’s about 12:18am EST and I can’t sleep. Vacation will do that to you. Anyway, about 2 posts ago, if you feel like scrolling, I talked about my blog and why I write what I write. I’d like to kick today off with a comment on some of my favorite MLBloggers and why they are such an important part of this community.

Time Out! Something is going on with the server…I wonder what it is, maybe a facelift on the site? While I’m waiting for the home page to quit loading, I’ll make a quick note about a bloggers ****. Ok, it’s on now and nothing happened…anyway, there were so many times when my fingers started smoking because I was typing so much and just as I was about finished, I hit a phantom key and my browser moves backwards…and erases everthing I wrote. Talk about wanting to throw my computer out the window! Afterwords instead of writing it again, I’ll make a highlight reel of the post. Should have done that in the first place! Now, I constantly copy/paste onto MS Word when I’m writing alot until it actually is published.

DiamondbackslogoOK, on to my first favorite blog. It belongs to Kellia at Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes. Most of the blogs by the fans here are dedicated to a certain team. Kellia on the other hand dedicates her blog to Eric Byrnes, formerly of the Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies &Baltimore Orioles, currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks. What’s even more amazing when you think about it (and I’m sure I’ll get zinged for this) is that she does this for just an average player. We’re not talking Cal Ripken here. But what that tells me is that she really is a dedicated baseball fan. On top of that, she makes every single post enjoyable to read including the ones about Byrnsie. She also has great insight on the going-ons in MLB and gives us some great reads with all of it. Thanks for the hard work you put in your blog Kellia!

Nyyankeelogo I’ve had a blast over the past year checking in on Da Bronx Bombers. There is always a clever photshopped picture or a video skit about the Yankees and anything else he feels like doing. I wish I can be so talented at stuff like that. You guys have to deal with my cheesy cookie cutter videos and pictures. In my opinion, this really is in the top 5 of all of the MLBlogs. The work that is put into his blog should be commended and so I write here….Great job, and keep it up. It wouldn’t be the same with out your humor.

I’ll continue with my thoughts on more MLBloggers tomorrow(or today) plus I put together a very cheesy photo montage of my down spiraling Marlins that will be properly titled, "Pain".

A Look Back-April 2005

First_post_2MLBlogs- Year One
It seems I started blogging here a bit later than I had previously thought. May 1st to be exact. Yeah, I jumped all over that marlins.mlblogs.com name thinking I pulled one off. I still have yet to see another Marlins blog around here and frankly, I don’t want to see one. I mean, think about it. I have the market cornered. Whenever something with the Marlins happens thats newsworthy, who gets the plug? Me, that’s who. Eh, seriously though, I really would like to see some other Marlin Blogs on here. We need all of the support we can get. You just can’t have the "marlins" sub-domain!

I had a few ideas in mind that went the way of the Dodo Bird. I wanted to do a monthly "Best of the Best" that featured the top players of the past month. I guess it was too much work on my part because it lasted like, one post. I thought throwing out the occasional ballpark eats recipe would be fun.  Not much going on there either. One thing is for certain…I can find some humor in what is happening to my team and write about it. I don’t blog after every single game because I really don’t see the point. That’s what the sportswriters do and they can do it alot better than I can. My goal is to write about the not so obvious things from the games or offer a little more insight from a fans point of view instead of the AP type stories.

Here’s to another great year of blogging on this site and I hope all of the new recruits hang around after their one month freebie is up. I’d like to make this the largest, most read, organized baseball blogging network on the internet.

Full of Talent

I gotta say that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have got to have one of the brightest futures in baseball as far as talent goes. Who wouldn’t want this roster come 2007 or 2008:

Jorge Cantu
BJ Upton
Rocco Baldelli
Carl Crawford
Jonny Gomes
Delmon Young
Aubrey Huff
Joey Gaithright
Julio Lugo(might not be in future plans)

Scott Kazmir
Edwin Jackson

Now all they need is another top starter or two and they are set. I would even imagine they could trade Gaithright or Huff for said starter and still have an amazing outfield. Now only if their fans can pull it together and come to the games, maybe when these players begin to peak, they can actually sign them long term.

Watch out Yankees, here come the D-Rays.

On a side note, their uniforms/colors are in my top five all time. Scold me all you want with that comment, but I love green.



Marlinslogo_12One Game Win Streak!

Everthing went right for the Marlins today as they defeated the Pads 9-2 while improving their record to 2-6. Just about everyone on the team pitched in and Shadez continues his hot hitting going two for three and batting .424 on the season. Mike Jacobs jacked his third homer of the year as well, but he needs to get his average up. Jason Vargas pitched a great game and the pen finally held the lead. I gotta say, Dewon Brazelton is just not good. I was lucky enough to meet him in Tampa a few years back and he is the nicest guy. I’ve been following him through the years and only on a rare occasion has he shown why Tampa took him with their first pick (3rd overall) in the 2001 draft. It’s a shame because when he is on, he’s flat out amazing. It would be nice if he could turn it around.

Oh and a comment to the folks that make the schedule…do not, I repeat, do not EVER schedule a Marlins home game during a weekday when summer isn’t quite here. It’s hard enough to get fans to the ballpark as it is, and a weekday is just plain stupid. Today’s paid attendance: 8,191. With 36,331 seats available, that’s like what, 23% capacity? ugh.

Better Days


The ride into NYC was actually quite pleasant, but the toll prices are out of control. $6.50 to go over the Geroge Washington Bridge and another $4.50 to go over the Triborro Bridge. Add in $13 to park at Shea, $4.75 for Peanuts, $6.75 beer, $4.00 Aquafina and I just spent the equivilant of the Gross National Product of Tonga. Other than that we had a heck of a time.

We arrived at Shea around 11am, found my buddy Larry and went to our seats. I was only slightly harassed by a guy at a toll booth and by a couple of kids for wearing my Marlins jersey. There was also this 8 year old kid that was heckling the players and had me cracking up the whole game.

It was a very exciting game and Dontrelle pitched outstanding again, and once again the bullpen blew it for him. This team may have the worst luck in the league. They could easily be 4-1 right now. But that’s the game of baseball for you.

Here’s a collection of some pics I took and a few from last years game at Shea to fill it up a bit. Enjoy!


Create your own video at One True Media

Rain Delay

Marlinslogo_9Mets_logo_2Here Comes the Train!

Well, tomarrow is the big day and since the rainout occured today, Dontrelle Willis gets the nod to pitch. I know I’m glad because to see him pitch live and in person will be few and far between for me. Again, we’ll be taking plenty of pics and I’ll write about the day’s events when I get back.

Until then….

Power Surge

Hitting, Pitching & Fun

Last nights loss was just hard to swallow. Other than D-Train walking too many and threw too many pitches in such a short time, he was masterful. Problem was, Oswalt pitched just as well. Florida couldn’t hit when it counted, leaving a few men in scoring position and wound up getting shut out.


What a difference one night makes. Who’s the MVP of this game? We’ve seen the power showcased tonight with Cabs, Hammer and Jacobs going deep. We’ve seen Shadez get four hits tonight with three RBI, big change from last nights strike three looking ish. But my choice for player of the game has to go to Sergo Mitre and his six scoreless innings giving only up three hits, walking one and striking out 5.

For me, the best thing about baseball season is that good or bad game, we really can look forward to tomarrow.

On a side note, Mike Jacobs has just moved up a notch in my book. Just shove the cotton in the bloodied nose and Play Ball!


Open For Business

Marlinslogo_8Part 2Probable_opening_day_3

Gametime: 7:05EST.

I’m looking forward to seeing what these kids can do. It seems like Josh Willingham has been waiting forever to get here and it’s about time. In the sad reality of things, where six rookies will be starting, a bright spot emerges today as we are about to witness three possible Rookie of the Year candidates in Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Hermida and  Hanley "Shadez" Ramirez. My money will be on Hermida as the odds on favorite with his unmatchable talent. I believe Jason Vargas no longer qualifies as a rookie but he is one of four starters to have three or less years of major league experience under his belt. The good news is the talent for this pitching staff is there, but will the inexperience show it’s ugly head from the get go?

What About That Toast Dream?

Actually, there was no toast dream. But I decided I had the munchies after I logged off last night and cooked me up some of that Health Nut Bread in the toaster. With my belly full, I began dozing off and just before I got to that REM sleep, in comes said toast( that wishes to be called "Crispy"). Well, Crispy and I had a long talk about the upcoming baseball season and we had very different views about many issues. After about an hour or so, Crispy had to be on his way but he told me the next time he came around he would bring a few of his Fish friends to talk some more baseball. I one upped that and will allow them to make a blog or two about the Marlins during the upcoming season. I can’t wait for this to happen…..*sigh*

Just over an hour to go and I’m getting stoked real bad like. Here’s to a great season Marlin fans and let’s not expect anything but greatness from this team! Or at least a little fun.

Open For Business

Blog_opening_day_1Welcome Zombies

The weather here in NY over the past few days has been wonderful. It actually was in the low 70’s…but not for long. High’s in the upper 30’s are expected over the upcoming days but I don’t care. You see, it’s baseball season and all in my world is good. As a matter of fact, my wife and I are going to Shea Stadium on April 9th to see the Marlins and the Mets. It’s been a long time since I went to a game this early in the season, even better the opening home weekend. I’ll have plenty of pictures to add to the photo album and I’m sure some funny stories. The two times I went to Shea last year we had a blast and I can expect the same. Looks like we’re getting the D-Train in that game!


We’re opening up in Houston today and I really don’t know what to expect from this team. I have high hopes but the Fish aren’t expected to do much this year so a .500 record would be a blesssing. Dontrelle pitches in the opener and I hope he worked on whatever was ailing him in the World Baseball Classic as he was just off in a big way. I’ve decided to cut this one short as it’s about 2am EST and my eyes are hurting and my mind is crossed between the reality of writing this blog and the rather large piece of toast that is chasing me in my back yard. Sooooo, anyway…..

/opening day part one