20 Below

Marlinslogo_22Marlins Free Fall Continues

This post has been brought to you by my current blog renter, A Yoga Coffee Outlook, which is the second go round on my site. It’s a fantastic blog that many people visited from here last time and went back for a second or third look. So check it out and join the many readers that enjoy her blog. You know, I have64194  never done yoga before and well, I think I would snap in half if I ever tried any of that stuff I see people do.

Anyway, the Marlins are in danger of falling twenty games under .500 only forty games into the season. The sad thing is that they are doing it in a way that would drive any fan crazy. Games that seem to be a lock are being blown in the ninth or extra innings. The season will be fun for me here on out as I can watch the different ways the Marlins can lose. Yay, baseball!

In other news, I’ll be checking out the beta version of MLB.tv Mosaic tonight. That’s going to be a sweet addition to my sports life for sure.

A Gem For Moehler

Marlinslogo_21Fish Bats Still Smokin’

In the rubber match against Pittsburgh, the Marlins exploded on the Pirates early on getting eight runs in the first two innings. Pirate starter Ian Snell basically pitched BP to the Fish giving up seven of the runs and all of them earned. If you look at the Marlins everyday lineup, three of the players are batting over .300 with Hammer going 0-4 today dropping his average to .296. I wonder when MLB is going to change his position on his bio to LF, considering it’s pretty official he’s our starting left fielder.

How about Shadez getting it done in the leadoff spot. He cooled off a bit earlier this month but got hot again raising his BA to .345 and his OBP to over .400. Rookie of the Year lock if he keeps up the pace. I’m not counting out Hammer or Dan Uggla for that honor either. Uggla is having quite a year himself, considering Pokey Reese was supposed to be the starting 2B until he bolted. The hitting isn’t the problem with this team, it’s the awful starting pitching and non-existent pen. Even with Moehler’s fantastic performance today, his ERA is still over eight.

Dontrelle Willis was quoted as saying he better get his act together on the mound or he may not have a job. This is why he is now my favorite player in the league. He is completely selfless, cares only for winning, not stats and his great attitude during the game and in the clubhouse is one that every team needs. The rumors of trading him are ridiculous, because even if we got Albert Pujols straight up I wouldn’t want the deal. One hitter for this team won’t make a difference so why do it? I base value on more than just stats and Train in my opinion is invaluable.

What’s In A Name?

I decided to change the name of my blog, just slightly. Having the word blog in a blog seemed a little weird. My first blog over at MarlinsBaseball was/is called Deep Fried Blog. The word "blog" sounds like something you would cook in a deep fat fryer so that’s where the name came from. It only seemed natural to call this Deep Fried Fish for a Marlins blog. By the way, the word "blog" appears seven, er, eight times in this post. Is that a record?

So this is now officially Deep Fried Fish…if anyone cares.

Stadium Arcadium Review

Being highly biased and couldn’t care less that I am, I proclaim this current Chili Pepper release a success. The two disc set, "Jupiter" and "Mars", have flat out blown me away. Once again, the Peppers have reinvented their own sound. I’m not saying they sound completely different, but enough to separate this from any other release. I’m writing this listening to the Mars disc, and from what I hear this is so far a little bit more mellow than "Jupiter".  The first single, "Dani California" is on the Jupiter disc along with the title track and a great song called "Charlie".

I’m skeptical about double discs because I feel that the band is releasing more than they need to and what ensues is about one album worth of good music and the rest is just mediocre or plain garbage. This isn’t the case here, where the Peppers rock on every single song and I can say I love them all.


Red Hot


Just posting this to share my excitement with everyone. Tomorrow, 5/9, the Red Hot Chili Peppers finally release Stadium Arcadium. Luckily, I have the day off from work so I’ll be getting it first thing in the morning. The Peppers have been one of my favorite bands since 1989 and they never disappoint with their releases. For those of you that may know the bands older music…and I mean way back as in 1984’s self titled album, I recommend spending your hard earned cash on them. I feel like a kid going to Disney World for the first time….off to bed!



Images_1 I Hate Politicians

From war to the homeless, golden toilet seats to huge spending accounts, the typical politician annoys the **** out of me. With the Florida Sentate approving the funding needed to get us the stadium, the House decided to close up shop before they voted. I understand there are rules established and they need to be followed, but couldn’t someone just move the big hand back a couple of minutes? I’ve worked 22 hours straight once and many many many 18-20 hour days. Couldn’t they have just extended the session a little while longer? Sad thing is this probably happens for important issues like schools and starving children.

On a brighter note the Marlins were beaten badly last night. Sergio Mitre, the pitcher I thought would be a possible ace, stunk it up…again. I suppose I shouldn’t be so upset when the Fish lose as a season similar to this was expected. But this is just plain horrible. On a seriously brighter note, it looks like Joe Borchard might have been the best pickup the Marlins have had so far this year. Let’s hope he can keep it up and explode with the potential he has.


Marlinslogo_20Give It Up…Take It Back
Should I sit here and write about the great win the Marlins had tonight? Maybe. I could also point out that we won a close game for once. Possibly throw in the clutch pinch hit by Hanley Ramirez to get that lead and continue to give him props for a consistantly good season in his rookie year.


With a 5-0 lead in the third inning, the Marlins, including the atrocious bullpen, allowed the Nationals to chip away at that lead finally giving way in the seventh inning when Brian Schneider blasted a homer off of Franklyn German. I like Brian Moehler, but we need to get him out of the rotation. He might fare better in the pen and give it a little more stability. You really can’t do much worse than how he is pitching so I suppose Joe can throw anyone in the spot. It will be just another guy he can keep in to throw 130 pitches and give up 10 runs in the process. I believe this win takes us off pace to break the Mets modern record for losses of 120.

Little_league_logo This Week In T-Ball

Starting later this week, I’ll be writing about my tenure as a T-Ball coach. We’re playing two games a week and from the looks of it, this is going to be a fun, yet trying time. Hope you get a kick out of some of the stories and the pictures I post here.