20 Below

Marlinslogo_22Marlins Free Fall Continues

This post has been brought to you by my current blog renter, A Yoga Coffee Outlook, which is the second go round on my site. It’s a fantastic blog that many people visited from here last time and went back for a second or third look. So check it out and join the many readers that enjoy her blog. You know, I have64194  never done yoga before and well, I think I would snap in half if I ever tried any of that stuff I see people do.

Anyway, the Marlins are in danger of falling twenty games under .500 only forty games into the season. The sad thing is that they are doing it in a way that would drive any fan crazy. Games that seem to be a lock are being blown in the ninth or extra innings. The season will be fun for me here on out as I can watch the different ways the Marlins can lose. Yay, baseball!

In other news, I’ll be checking out the beta version of MLB.tv Mosaic tonight. That’s going to be a sweet addition to my sports life for sure.


  1. Kellia

    I saw the last few innings of Kazmir v Willis. Dontrelle had a nice outing, but Kazmir was lights out!

    It’s hard to envision D-Train being 1-5 after the year he had last year. Did being in the WBC hurt him? Or has there been too much of a change in the cast of characters behind him?



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