What’s In A Name?

I decided to change the name of my blog, just slightly. Having the word blog in a blog seemed a little weird. My first blog over at MarlinsBaseball was/is called Deep Fried Blog. The word "blog" sounds like something you would cook in a deep fat fryer so that’s where the name came from. It only seemed natural to call this Deep Fried Fish for a Marlins blog. By the way, the word "blog" appears seven, er, eight times in this post. Is that a record?

So this is now officially Deep Fried Fish…if anyone cares.

Stadium Arcadium Review

Being highly biased and couldn’t care less that I am, I proclaim this current Chili Pepper release a success. The two disc set, "Jupiter" and "Mars", have flat out blown me away. Once again, the Peppers have reinvented their own sound. I’m not saying they sound completely different, but enough to separate this from any other release. I’m writing this listening to the Mars disc, and from what I hear this is so far a little bit more mellow than "Jupiter".  The first single, "Dani California" is on the Jupiter disc along with the title track and a great song called "Charlie".

I’m skeptical about double discs because I feel that the band is releasing more than they need to and what ensues is about one album worth of good music and the rest is just mediocre or plain garbage. This isn’t the case here, where the Peppers rock on every single song and I can say I love them all.



  1. Kellia

    I care. I always refer to it as Deep Fried Fish because we all know it’s a blog. And the Fish will truly be Deep Fried if they trade Dontrelle. There’s talk of that again.

    Dontrelle to the Mets…Hmm, I like that!

    I also like the fact that the comment box has suddenly reappeared, meaning I can comment to you again.

    So now officially consider yourself zinged for calling Eric Byrnes an average player.




  2. Bobby

    You’re not the first one to say that about the comment box. I wonder what was up with that.

    Heh, sorry about the Byrnes comment, lol.

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