Images_1 I Hate Politicians

From war to the homeless, golden toilet seats to huge spending accounts, the typical politician annoys the **** out of me. With the Florida Sentate approving the funding needed to get us the stadium, the House decided to close up shop before they voted. I understand there are rules established and they need to be followed, but couldn’t someone just move the big hand back a couple of minutes? I’ve worked 22 hours straight once and many many many 18-20 hour days. Couldn’t they have just extended the session a little while longer? Sad thing is this probably happens for important issues like schools and starving children.

On a brighter note the Marlins were beaten badly last night. Sergio Mitre, the pitcher I thought would be a possible ace, stunk it up…again. I suppose I shouldn’t be so upset when the Fish lose as a season similar to this was expected. But this is just plain horrible. On a seriously brighter note, it looks like Joe Borchard might have been the best pickup the Marlins have had so far this year. Let’s hope he can keep it up and explode with the potential he has.

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