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Marlinslogo_16Girardi Needs Help

After 23 games this year, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • Joe Girardi is way too wet behind the ears. Leaving Dontrelle Willis in after he was obviously struggling was a HORRIBLE decision. He gave up the lead and continued to get shelled. Another Girardi mistake below.
  • Mike Jacobs is not ready to be in the bigs at this time. He is batting .179 and showing no signs of improving. Put in Wes Helms at first…He at least has proven he can hit better than Jacobs. Make no mistake though, Jacobs will be a solid MLB player, just not now.
  • The Marlins have no bullpen. We need to do something here or the season will only get worse.
  • The defense is sad. I’m too lazy to look up the stats, but every game I’ve watched, which is at about 90%, I have seen sloppy play that were logged as errors but what’s worse is the garbage that isn’t logged. This team needs to work on fundamentals.

Tips & Tricks For Your Blog; Today’s Tip-Scoreboard 

Scoreboard– use the exact same procedure as the previous trick and paste
this code into the "Notes" area. Here’s the procedure again if you don’t feel like scrolling down:

  • create a new Typelist as a link and give it a name
    like "Standings"
  • go to the "Manage" tab 
    in the "Notes" area, paste the code that is given
    to you there 
    click "save & update"
  • go to the "Configure" tab 
    scroll down to the area that says "as text" and
    click it to choose it and save changes.


Here is the code for the MLB scoreboard to paste:

<iframe scrolling="auto" frameborder="1" align="middle" id="external" src="; border="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="width: 171px; height: 140px;">

Have fun, let me know how it works on your site!



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