Marlinslogo_15And The Marlins Are Really Bad!

Yeah, a quick blurb on the Fish. We’re only what, 20 games into the season and the Marlins look like they are giving away games to the highest bidder. Simple math would have 100 losses going for $300,000 each. That’s enough to get the stadium deal done!


Mlblogslogo_2 Tips & Tricks For Your Blog; Today’s Tip-

1. Ads I use AdBrite. Just sign up for an account and
set the costs for advertising on your site. My page for
selling ads is:
Now, in order to use it on TypePad (MLBlogs), this is
what you need to do:

  • create a new Typelist as a link and give it a name
    like "Sponsors"
  • go to the "Manage" tab 
       in the "Notes" area, paste the code that is given
    to you there
  • click "save & update"
  • go to the "Configure" tab
  • scroll down to the area that says "as text" and
    click it to choose it and save changes…
    That should then show the text that links to your new

I decided to stretch this out over a few days so maybe I can get some more traffic. Eh, give a little, get a little!


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