First Win!

Marlinslogo_14In A One Run Game Anyway

Scott Olsen pitched a great game tonight giving up only one earned run in 6 2/3 innings tonight against the Phillies. The Marlins were previously 0-5 in one run games until tonight. This comes in the first game after the disasterous loss to Cincy and Joe Girardi getting PO’d:

"That’s embarrassing," said Girardi after the second brief postgame team meeting of the three-game series and before a reporter could get the first question out. "Seventeen days in, we can’t keep making mistakes. We’re working our butts off, and we can’t throw it away by trying to do too much.
"This was our first chance to win a series. We had a chance to win a series. The way you make the playoffs is you win series. You don’t give series away."

The Marlins looked like a team with a mission and looked solid the whole game, sans Miggy’s fourth error on the season. It could have just been me, but it seemed when a hard grounder went his way, he may have gotten to the ball by diving or something, and he just let it go by. Meh, whatever.

So today, we recieved our hats that we got from Shop. After pricing it out, we got a better deal with them than at a store. Plus up here in NY, there isn’t much of a Marlins selection if that wasn’t too obvious. I bought that Black on Black hat while my wife got the girlie pink one. We’ll see how comfortable this hat is in the middle of summer though. I really spend way too much money on this site. In addition to me buying apparel online, I have this blog plus MLB All Access. I was going to try and get a fantasy league going as well, but nobody wanted to join up with me! Probably for the better though.

By the way, tomarrow morning is the Heart Walk I’ve been plugging over the past two months. Looks to be a little rainy, but should be a success and alot of fun.



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