Happy Birthday!

MlblogslogoLet The Festivities Begin!

I know I should wait until it becomes more clear what the guys here at MLBlogs have in store for us, but I can’t. It’s about 12:18am EST and I can’t sleep. Vacation will do that to you. Anyway, about 2 posts ago, if you feel like scrolling, I talked about my blog and why I write what I write. I’d like to kick today off with a comment on some of my favorite MLBloggers and why they are such an important part of this community.

Time Out! Something is going on with the server…I wonder what it is, maybe a facelift on the site? While I’m waiting for the home page to quit loading, I’ll make a quick note about a bloggers ****. Ok, it’s on now and nothing happened…anyway, there were so many times when my fingers started smoking because I was typing so much and just as I was about finished, I hit a phantom key and my browser moves backwards…and erases everthing I wrote. Talk about wanting to throw my computer out the window! Afterwords instead of writing it again, I’ll make a highlight reel of the post. Should have done that in the first place! Now, I constantly copy/paste onto MS Word when I’m writing alot until it actually is published.

DiamondbackslogoOK, on to my first favorite blog. It belongs to Kellia at Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes. Most of the blogs by the fans here are dedicated to a certain team. Kellia on the other hand dedicates her blog to Eric Byrnes, formerly of the Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies &Baltimore Orioles, currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks. What’s even more amazing when you think about it (and I’m sure I’ll get zinged for this) is that she does this for just an average player. We’re not talking Cal Ripken here. But what that tells me is that she really is a dedicated baseball fan. On top of that, she makes every single post enjoyable to read including the ones about Byrnsie. She also has great insight on the going-ons in MLB and gives us some great reads with all of it. Thanks for the hard work you put in your blog Kellia!

Nyyankeelogo I’ve had a blast over the past year checking in on Da Bronx Bombers. There is always a clever photshopped picture or a video skit about the Yankees and anything else he feels like doing. I wish I can be so talented at stuff like that. You guys have to deal with my cheesy cookie cutter videos and pictures. In my opinion, this really is in the top 5 of all of the MLBlogs. The work that is put into his blog should be commended and so I write here….Great job, and keep it up. It wouldn’t be the same with out your humor.

I’ll continue with my thoughts on more MLBloggers tomorrow(or today) plus I put together a very cheesy photo montage of my down spiraling Marlins that will be properly titled, "Pain".


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