Marlinslogo_12One Game Win Streak!

Everthing went right for the Marlins today as they defeated the Pads 9-2 while improving their record to 2-6. Just about everyone on the team pitched in and Shadez continues his hot hitting going two for three and batting .424 on the season. Mike Jacobs jacked his third homer of the year as well, but he needs to get his average up. Jason Vargas pitched a great game and the pen finally held the lead. I gotta say, Dewon Brazelton is just not good. I was lucky enough to meet him in Tampa a few years back and he is the nicest guy. I’ve been following him through the years and only on a rare occasion has he shown why Tampa took him with their first pick (3rd overall) in the 2001 draft. It’s a shame because when he is on, he’s flat out amazing. It would be nice if he could turn it around.

Oh and a comment to the folks that make the schedule…do not, I repeat, do not EVER schedule a Marlins home game during a weekday when summer isn’t quite here. It’s hard enough to get fans to the ballpark as it is, and a weekday is just plain stupid. Today’s paid attendance: 8,191. With 36,331 seats available, that’s like what, 23% capacity? ugh.

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    Nice to see the boys get off the schnide. Hopefully it can carry over tonight against the Nats. Hoping to make it out to the game.

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