Better Days


The ride into NYC was actually quite pleasant, but the toll prices are out of control. $6.50 to go over the Geroge Washington Bridge and another $4.50 to go over the Triborro Bridge. Add in $13 to park at Shea, $4.75 for Peanuts, $6.75 beer, $4.00 Aquafina and I just spent the equivilant of the Gross National Product of Tonga. Other than that we had a heck of a time.

We arrived at Shea around 11am, found my buddy Larry and went to our seats. I was only slightly harassed by a guy at a toll booth and by a couple of kids for wearing my Marlins jersey. There was also this 8 year old kid that was heckling the players and had me cracking up the whole game.

It was a very exciting game and Dontrelle pitched outstanding again, and once again the bullpen blew it for him. This team may have the worst luck in the league. They could easily be 4-1 right now. But that’s the game of baseball for you.

Here’s a collection of some pics I took and a few from last years game at Shea to fill it up a bit. Enjoy!

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  1. Bobby

    imo that would be a flat out no. I’ve heard it but that wouldn’t make any sense. He’s really the most popular player and is pretty cheap for a superstar. Really, what would they get in return? Another pitching prospect with half of the talent Train has. But then again, nothing would surprise me.

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