Power Surge

Hitting, Pitching & Fun

Last nights loss was just hard to swallow. Other than D-Train walking too many and threw too many pitches in such a short time, he was masterful. Problem was, Oswalt pitched just as well. Florida couldn’t hit when it counted, leaving a few men in scoring position and wound up getting shut out.


What a difference one night makes. Who’s the MVP of this game? We’ve seen the power showcased tonight with Cabs, Hammer and Jacobs going deep. We’ve seen Shadez get four hits tonight with three RBI, big change from last nights strike three looking ish. But my choice for player of the game has to go to Sergo Mitre and his six scoreless innings giving only up three hits, walking one and striking out 5.

For me, the best thing about baseball season is that good or bad game, we really can look forward to tomarrow.

On a side note, Mike Jacobs has just moved up a notch in my book. Just shove the cotton in the bloodied nose and Play Ball!


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