Open For Business

Marlinslogo_8Part 2Probable_opening_day_3

Gametime: 7:05EST.

I’m looking forward to seeing what these kids can do. It seems like Josh Willingham has been waiting forever to get here and it’s about time. In the sad reality of things, where six rookies will be starting, a bright spot emerges today as we are about to witness three possible Rookie of the Year candidates in Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Hermida and  Hanley "Shadez" Ramirez. My money will be on Hermida as the odds on favorite with his unmatchable talent. I believe Jason Vargas no longer qualifies as a rookie but he is one of four starters to have three or less years of major league experience under his belt. The good news is the talent for this pitching staff is there, but will the inexperience show it’s ugly head from the get go?

What About That Toast Dream?

Actually, there was no toast dream. But I decided I had the munchies after I logged off last night and cooked me up some of that Health Nut Bread in the toaster. With my belly full, I began dozing off and just before I got to that REM sleep, in comes said toast( that wishes to be called "Crispy"). Well, Crispy and I had a long talk about the upcoming baseball season and we had very different views about many issues. After about an hour or so, Crispy had to be on his way but he told me the next time he came around he would bring a few of his Fish friends to talk some more baseball. I one upped that and will allow them to make a blog or two about the Marlins during the upcoming season. I can’t wait for this to happen…..*sigh*

Just over an hour to go and I’m getting stoked real bad like. Here’s to a great season Marlin fans and let’s not expect anything but greatness from this team! Or at least a little fun.

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  1. Kellia

    I’m the Opening Day Spheroid and Deep Fried Fish in mentioned. (I don’t have an email addy for you!)

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