Mlbcom_logo_1New Look

I had a pleasant surprise when traveling to the home page and saw the new design. I really like it. It’s not that there is a whole bunch different but it’s enough to take away any staleness the old look may have been portraying. The page has always been organized but there is even more of an ease of use now. It may take a day to get used to where everything is, but that’s the fun part. Good job on the new layout.

Marlinslogo_6 Da Fish

With spring training winding down I as a Marlin fan am very happy with the way this team has played and the way Joey G has managed the team. It looks like we’re going to end up with the best record in the spring, and even though it means nothing in the regular season it still gives us a sense that this team is alot better than some may have predicted. Being a homer, I fully expect this team to make the playoffs this year but I will be ok if that just remains a dream. The Marlins are set for the future and may be even better than the 2003 World Championship team.

Here’s to a great season everyone!



    We’re glad you like the new look! Pretty amazing that here in 2006 you can just click on one of those panels and the window will just start to play.

    Am interested in knowing how everyone finds their way to the first time…



    I’m ambivalent about the Fish right now. I want to root for them but the ownership really has deflated my enthusiasm.

  3. Bobby

    I would imagine a poll on how people found it would be just about right. When the new look comes out, the designers may want to add one.

    And to,as far as the fish go I couldn’t agree more on the mgmt. If you want to check out a great Marlins fan site, go to for some great insight on the Fish.


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