One and Done

Mlb_blog_1 Approaching Year 2

It’s amazing that only a year has about gone by here on MLBlogs…it seems like we have been here for much longer. There wasn’t that many of us from the beginning, but the site has grown leaps and bounds. Not sure if any of the writers are going to do a piece on the upcoming anniversary, I’d like to see it happen. I do know that next month I’ll be writing about some of my favorite MLBloggers and the uniqueness many of them display in their writings and style. I’ll bring back some of my favorite posts so I can dwell on the deconstruction of the Marlins all over again. So look for the piece sometime in April!


  1. Joe

    Hi Bob,

    You do a real good job on your blog and should include yourself in your article. Keep up the good work!



    Great post! Glad you’re still part of the MLBlogs menu, Chef Bob. You definitely will see something from me soon on the homepage about MLBlogs.

    FYI, I used the search box on to type in “MLBlogs”, and here are the search results, showing three articles I wrote in 2005 about this community:

    Trivia question: What was the first MLBlog ever created, other than a bunch of test blogs from our Six Apart programming partners?


    Trivia Hint: He’s a Hall of Famer.

  3. Bobby

    thanks guys for the nice words. My guess to the trivia has got to be Tommy Lasorda because he was a big part of the initial promotion.

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