Where’s Pokey?

Wheres_waldo_cover He’s Done.

Pokey Reese was supposed to be the veteran infielder that would show the young Marlins a thing or two about the right way to play great defense. Chances are he would have started 2B this year with Dan Uggla behing him. But now it seems that personal issues may have cost him his career, well at least with theReese_pokey060304  Marlins anyway with the Fish terminating his $800K contract on Sunday. I can’t see other teams picking him him up until all of his issues are resloved. What gets me is that even with personal issues, he could of at least told someone in the organization that he needed time off. Didn’t even give them a call. His agent said he was fine and dealing with the issues, but he could have even told his agent to tell the Marlins. It’s not like it’s a big loss, but it would have been nice to have veteran like him on the team.

Twinslogo Kirby

It’s really bringing me down about Kirby Puckett’s stroke. The guy had to end his career early due to glaucoma and now this. I just read that he is in critical condition now. He has made some mistakes in his life and I hope he will get a second chance to make it all right. Get well Kirby.

Wbc_logo_1 3/7/06

Opening day is tomarrow….for the WBC in the Americas that is. I am so stoked and will be watching whatever game I can. Get excited everyone, this is going to be great.

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