Forget the Other Blog

This Is Where It’s At…

To give updates on my successes and failures of getting in shape for the summer. I just filled out the forms for my son to play T-Ball this year and I want to sign on as a volunteer coach. Plus, I want to play softball this season since I’ve been off for about two years now. So I really need to get into gear to make this work. I won’t plug it too much, but I’ve been using this free site called to track my nutrition and exercise. It’s got to be one of the best sites out there for this sort of thing.

The Competition

What is best for an individual to excel at something is to have competition, and where I work there are two other competetive people that are in on the "first to lose 20 pounds gets the pot of $80" game. I believe I’m in first place currently and I plan to stay there.

My main goal is to get in shape for the Binghamton Heart Walk in April. Last year I powerwalked my way to 3 miles in 45 minutes…which is a huge milestone for me. This year I want to beat it. We’ll see.



    That was funny — as I was reading this, I saw an “Omaha Steaks” link show up in your sponsored links to the left of this. Don’t read your sponsored links 🙂


  2. Bob

    yeah, I’m thinking of taking those off anyway….I get like one click every three or four days.

    *eats rice cake*

    as always Mark, thanks for writing.

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