Fantasy Games

Since 1998, I have been active in some sort of fantasy sport starting with football and sans the computer. It was all home produced. Since then, there has obviously been a boom in online fantasy sports. For football, I’ve stuck with three sites….ESPN, Sporting News and Yahoo. All were differnet in one way or another which is why I have three. I’ve tried other sports as well with various sites, but the one site I’ve used for fantasy baseball has always been Yahoo. I seem to always do well, but have yet to win a championship. This year I have been eyeballing the Draft & Trade game.

What I would like to do is get a group of people from MLBlogs to get together and give this thing a go. I think it would ad a little extra fun around here during the season and give us another topic to write about…including commenting on eachother’s blogs. If one of the admins around here would like to set one up, I would surely join. I was thinking of doing it myself but as I’m not to familiar with the game, I would be more comfortable as an owner and not a commish. If anyone is interested in setting a league up just post it here.

Personal News

Well, last year I tried to start up a sunglass business online and it worked for a little while. But not many people really want to buy sunglasses online which I can understand as many of us try on a bunch of them at a brick and mortar store for the right fit. I actually sold most of my inventory at a flea market over the summer at $5/pair. So all was not lost.

This year, I decided to try out the saturated domain name and hosting market. On advice I read about, I decided to go into a niche and stick with the sports crowd instead of trying to advertise to eveyone….like everyone else. I signed up with a huge company to become a reseller and it actually seems pretty cool. So with sticking with my DeepFried schtick, I’m happy to announce the opening of DeepFried Internet!

I actually got the idea when I purchased the domain name to be redirected to this marlins blog. I figured at least some people would want to do the same and for only $8.75 for a dot com, I might actually sell a few! And for those of you that already have domain names, there is a sale on tranfers for only $6.95 and includes a year extension.


/shameless plug

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