Slow Motion

As with anything we look forward to, time just drags along. In less than three days, pitchers and catchers report. For me, this not only represents the beginning of the new baseball season, but a light at the end of the ice encrusted tunnel. Ever since I moved away from Florida, I have wished to go back. Luckily for me, this has been a mild winter and I guess we just missed that nasty storm that went up the eastern coast. Only one good month of winter and Spring is here.

But that’s what really bothers me.

You see, just like the beaches that I rarely went to even though they were only fifteen minutes away, spring training games came few and far between for me when I was in Florida. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, but I was usually working and on my days off, I had to tend to my kids that were just too young to go. But I always knew at any given time, I could go to a game on a minutes notice. Now, I don’t have that. Like most of the United States( & Canada), I have to wait until the teams head back home. I already have plans to go to NY (Shea) and Philly (twice) this season, but probably more. I wonder if spring training will be on….


I’ll throw out my prediction a little early and predict a USA-Dominican Championship. These two are clearly the best teams in the tournament and should be there. The DR has a much tougher schedule and may be the favorites. I’ll be writing a good amount on the games when they start, just trying to fill in the blog space for now.


Over the past week I have been getting used to eating better after the great stomach pains of last Super Bowl Sunday. Tomarrow, my wife and I are going on a serious fitness kick and will be keeping a blog about the successes and failures that occur. Not that anyone would read it, but it helps to keep us motivated. I’ll put a link up when it goes live if anyone cares.

Funny, I just checked the front page of MLBlogs and it’s about the weather up here in the north. You guys must be reading my mind!



    Chef Bobby, good luck to you and your better half on the fitness program. Re the weather factor currently on — anytime you break the snowfall record in a Major League city it’s probably deserving. Watched all 27 inches fall here…that was an amazing blizzard.


  2. Bob

    Thanks for the well wishes. Here in Binghamton, we totally missed that mess you all got. 27 inches….I can’t phathom that. I go nuts when five inches drops around here. Good luck digging out.

  3. Kellia

    I’ve had a few comments about the weather in the SF Bay Area too. Snow? In Berkeley?

    Yesss! (Oh to be in Tuscon now that winter’s here!)


    I decided that for my new year’s resolution that I would lose weight also. But when the new year arrived I sort of procrastinated and then justified it to my self by saying that my calander year runs concurrent with the football season. So that meant that I had until after the Superbowl to postpone my diet. Well the Superbowl is over and the diet has gradually begun but I am feeling the need to become more serious about it. I’m glad to here that I’m not the only one tring to drop the LB’s. I look forward to hearing how you are progressing and I will post my progress as well. I have to get in better shape if I intend to hit the beaches of Puerto Rico on my vacation this upcoming summer. By the way it’s 78 degrees and sunny during the day and a cool 66 at night here in beautiful Tampa, Florida. What’s winter?


  5. Bob

    I wish I could go to PR with you man. Jeff, seriously the last time you saw me I was about 30 pounds lighter. Already lost 7 pounds though. I know I’m doing better when I’m resisting those fresh baked brownies downstairs.


  6. Kellia

    Today was a weigh-in day for me, too. I’ve lost 15 lbs since mid November. That’s a quarter of my goal. Of course, whether the goal is even possible is a question, but I am trying for 117. I’m 5’1.5″ but I am also large-boned and 50. I also have no concept of what it is for me to be weight-height proportionate and muscle-toned instead of flabby, as I have been heavy all my life. But now I have to knock the pounds off for health reasons.

    Despite the difference in age, height, gender and occupation, pictures of the fit, muscle-toned Eric Byrnes are helping. Those skinny ladies’ figure skaters are no inspiration at all. I have hit and caught balls, I quit ice skating after seeing blood on the ice. Good luck with the weight loss!

  7. Kellia

    Winter…it’s the thing they have in football towns like Buffalo, Green Bay and Denver. It’s the thing on which they base all that bobsledding, luging, skiing, skating and curling during the WINTER Olympics. It’s something a fan of a sport called hockey might know about. It is NOT something of which longtime residents of Oakland, CA are supposed to have any first-hand knowledge!

  8. Bob

    You two in sunny cal and florida, I give you two a big pppphhhlllttt!

    Kellia, what’s realy funny is that Jeff works for a hockey team.

  9. Kellia

    “You two in sunny cal and florida, I give you two a big pppphhhlllttt!”

    I just got back from the gym and the 2-block walk back felt warm. Turns out it’s 63 degrees. Nice. I am no fan of really hot weather. But 63 in late February works for me.

    Bobby, you can take comfort in the fact that it is supposed to get cool here again this weekend.

  10. Kellia


    It occurred to me that you have a weight loss advantage. You know how to cook and how to make low calorie food taste good.

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