It’s Time

It’s SuperBowl Eve

Gameday_mini_superbowl_61692With all of the excitment of the Caribbean Series, the winding down Hot Stove season and the up and coming WBC it’s all about baseball…after tomarrow night. One of my favorite sportswriters, Bill Simmons wrote a fun piece on the game’s not-so-talked-about stories and I couldn’t agree with him more. I suggest checking out his page for the story. My favorite quote…

Peter King casually revealed in his column this week that Bill Cowher has three daughters, one on Princeton’s hoops team, the other two on the same high school hoops team. Then he moved onto another story. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there thinking to myself, "Wait, how was this not the greatest reality TV show of all time? Bill Cowher raising three teenage daughters? You wouldn’t have watched that every week?" I mean, my Uncle Bob could barely handle three daughters at the same time, and he was the most stable member of the Simmons family. How could someone pull that feat off while also coaching an NFL football team? This should have been Gary Smith’s next 12,000-word profile for Sports Illustrated, and frankly, there’s still time. Somebody talk him out of interviewing that Sudanese decathlete with no legs and send Gary to the Cowher house!

(By the way, could someone please reassure me that the Cowher girls look more like Mrs. Cowher than Mr. Cowher? Every time I think of them, I keep picturing these female basketball players running around with giant chins and mustaches and spit flying everywhere as they scream at the referees. It’s a little disturbing. I’m not asking for pictures, just a little reassurance, that’s all.)

Since I’m a homer Steeler fan, the next segment might not have alot of merit. But I’m posting my gameday predictions:

Winner: Steelers
Score: 24-17
MVP: Troy Polamanu

Storyline: Shaun Alexander is held under 100 yards rushing on the day. Matt Hasselbeck looks great in the first half with a couple of deep throws that Pittsburgh seems to always give up, but succumbs to the dominant Steel Curtain and gets sacked six times on the day. Jerramy Stevens has one catch for 3 yards and Joey Porter is the one that "tackles" him with his helmet. Big Ben isn’t spectacular, but keeps his poise and doesn’t make any mistakes. Jerome Bettis gets a touchdown early in theBill_cowher_chin
first half which would prove to be his last in the NFL as at the one inch line during a second half drive, Ben fakes the handoff to the Bus and runs it in himself to put the nail in the proverbial coffin. One of the strange occurances in the game, while on a sideline route in the second half, Jerramy Stevens is knocked out of the game as Bill Cowher turns his head and whacks him with his chin. No penalty is called because Jerramy "deserved it" says the ref.

Bank on it.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!



    Great post as usual, Chef. Looks like this one can go either way…and I don’t remember the last time I was so tired of all the hype and couldn’t wait to see a kickoff. I think Terrible Towels are going to be flying, but the West Coast Offense always seems to find a way…

    10 days/8 minutes/31 seconds to pitchers and catchers. 30…29…28…27…


  2. Bob

    After a cool down period from this win, I’ll officially be in baseball mode. I can’t wait. Thanks for the comment!

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