One. Week.


Superbowlxl_logo This is the time left until the SuperBowl as of this writing. I know this because I downloaded it from the Yahoo Widget Gallery onto my desktop. Baseball fans, youThe_bobbus must bear with me during this fine, fine time in my sports life. I personally haven’t been this excited as a fan since 2003 since well, the Fish took it all. Ten years ago when the Steelers played the Cowboys, we all knew it would be a tough game. Dallas was the dominant force in the NFL and we squeezed in to be the whipping boys. Now I feel the two teams are on a level field as far as talent goes, with Pittsburgh obviously getting the edge on defense and The Hawks with a slight advantage on the O. I think the day of the game, I’ll need to sleep until about 3pm, turn on the tube and not move until the game is over.

De nuevo a béisbol

Thank goodness Joey G has set a clean shaven policy for the Marlins. I always suspected this team or any other for that matter has underachieved because that pesky facial hair or shoulder length hair. Those blisters Josh Beckett seems to get every year….no, no, no. You guys were thinking it had to do with a baseball. What it really came down to was that patch of hair on his chin that seemed out of place. Mike Lowell’s season long slump has nothing to do with confidence or mechanics. I heard a rumor that he grew his goatee a 1/16 of an inch longer and it threw off his game. You know, those 93′ Phillies didn’t lose the series because Toronto was the better team….it was that hair! Everyone hated those "idiots" on that 2004 Red Sox Championship team, man they were soooo unprofessional. If they were clean shaven and had army crew cuts, they would have been the best team EVER!!!

Joe Joe Joe.


I’m glad the Fish are talking to city officials in Hialeah. Or was that Homestead, I don’t know. Anyway, I haven’t been down there since I think 1998 when I went to an Indy race. There was so much much land and not much else. I imagine it has been built up quite a bit since then. I live in NY now but I still want the Marlins to stay in SoFla. A site in Hialeah would be great, but I still wish they could work out something a little closer to Palm Beach where my family is. But anywhere but somewhere else is always better.

Moving On…

Girardi "That is a concern to me," Girardi said. "We’ve [organizationally] talked among ourselves to protect these young pitchers. That’s a luxury we have — a lot of young pitchers. I’m going to do everything I can to protect the young pitchers. They have a future with this organization."

This is a quote from Joe Girardi on his concerns for the Marlin pitchers in the WBC. Joe, everyone has this worry. This is why rules such as pitch counts were implemented. The same thing could happen in spring training, or when one of the kids "fall down the stairs" at their home. This is a great time for MLB and baseball in general for the world. Let’s just have fun at this tourney and try not to worry about injuries.

Hey Marlin Fans! Try to get out to fanfest this February 11. I was able to go for the first time prior to the 2004 season. It was my first time, but I wanted to go many times before, but always had to work. Now I really can’t make it. There was alot of people , but that’s a good thing. We had so much fun including visiting the locker room.

Although this post seemed very anti-Joe-Girardi, I am a big fan and support him as much as possible. But when I see something that sets me off, you’re gonna hear about it.

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