Black & Gold


These are the colors of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins. But the team that comes to mind to most of us are the Pittsburgh Steelers. This time of the year, it’s also the colors that I bleed. Most of the year when I cut myself, that teal stuff oozes out, but right now it’s all black and gold. You see, long before the Florida Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles I became a Steeler fan. Oh, I liked baseball, but Superbowl Sunday was the party of the year around my house.

I’ve been through some lean years with Pittsburgh in the late 80’s, but since 92 when The Jaw came to town, it’s been a great time to be a Steeler fan. The ’95 season was a fun one, but we were severely overmatched by a superior Cowboy team. Ten years later, I see us getting to the big game once more. There really isn’t a dominant team in Denver, Seattle or Carolina so I see us finally winning and ending the 25 year drought.

Kris Benson

The O’s finally got one of the pitchers they needed and didn’t give up much to get him. Now, Kris is far from an ace, but maybe with Leo’s touch he can finally shine through. I still think the Orioles need another strong arm if they want to contend, and even though it’s not going to happen, I would still give up Tejada for ManRam and Clement.

World Baseball Classic 

I’m glad to see Cuba was allowed in, now we will have a legit tournament. I still can’t believe the talent on every roster. Simply amazing. My only complaint to MLB is the price of the fitted ballcaps. I mean, $34 for a hat is way too much. I support this in every way but wow. I have my eyes on that D-Train shirt though.


  1. Kellia

    The Mets have been making some darned good moves of late, but I have to wonder what Minaya was smoking when he got Julio. I followed the O’s the second half of last season and I thought Julio was a head case. (And for that same reason, I wonder what possessed the A’s to get Milton Bradley!)


    Man you may be a loyal fan to all of your teams but you were a bandwagon kid to pick teams from all over the country! Too bad, there’s nothing like being faithful to a city first and then its sports teams.

  3. Bob

    yeah, but you know I wasn’t born in a major league city. At least Buffalo had a football team….which I still say they should be your favorite team. For those that care….J is a Tampaholic.

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