Saturday the 14th

Sat14 Yeah, I’m going nuts waiting for March to get here so we can get the WBC going. I was just reviewing the rosters and most of the teams really have a legit chance at winning this thing. Even the Netherlands has a superstar in Andruw Jones….well, right now he is the only official player on the team. I’d like to see Larry Walker get an at bat or two on the Canadian team. Looks like he’s on as a coach and by the way he was speaking in that article, he is in no shape to play. But he deserves to have his name in an official box score.

Outside of the United States, the Dominican Republic in my opinion, has the best overall team with Team Canada a close second.. This is based on the players I know, so Japan, China and Chinese Taipai are really off my radar as far as talent goes.

Now, my kids don’t get another break from school until April but I’m inclined to get to Orlando to catch a game in March myself. But that wouldn’t be much fun.

On a side note, this must be related to the Friday the 13th thing….yesterday some guy I work withBlow_egg
put a hard boiled egg in the microwave to heat it up and when he put the knife in to cut it, well, there was egg everywhere. The thing exploded louder than a balloon bursting. I was picking up egg shrapnel across the room, trying not too laugh too hard.


  1. Kellia

    Was the exploding egg related to Friday the 13th or really related to you not telling your co-worker that heating up hard boiled eggs in the microwave ain’t such a good idea?

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