Hall Part Deux


OK, is it just me that feels like a bunch of players were shafted again this year? Bruce Sutter deserves to be in the Hall, but it just really seems odd to me that he was the ONLY person inducted this year. Hawk was spurned again, that’s just ridiculous. Albert Belle recieved enough votes to continue, but barely. I figure the writers will make him sweat it out and hopefully in the near future let him in. I’m a bit put off that Will Clark will be off the ballot due to lack of votes. He deserved more respect than that. But my biggest beef is that once again, the man Jim Rice didn’t get in, although it was close.

What I can say is that the Hall really is for the elite….but when an elite player gets snubbed, there is something wrong with the system.

I say we as fans should be allowed to cast our votes and be counted as one ballot.

Hanging_chadI wonder if there were any hanging chads….yeah, I know, lame.

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