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JeromyburnitzWell the latest news out of Baltimore struck me a little strange today. I was expecting to have Jeremy Burnitz in the OF this upcoming season, as every sports news agency reported. It seems he decided to play for the Pirates, for some strange reason. Good for the Pirates. I can’t help think that this is a good thing for the Orioles. Yeah, the power is there, but I’m not really into a 36 year old player that has declining power numbers, a crappy batting average and enough K’s for two players.

What I find even more intriguing is this possible deal betweenTejada_1 the O’s and
the Red Sox. I would LOVE to have Manny Ramirez in the
outfield. We would get the same if not more production from him, plus they can then sign AGon to fill the SS vacancy. I was(am) wondering if AlexManny_ramirez_1 was going to find a starting gig somewhere. He has the D and a decent bat….better than some of the starters out there. This trade
would make perfect sense for both teams and make two disgruntled players hopefully happy. My real opinion is that the Orioles would make out big time in this deal especially if the Sox eat up some of the jingle on Manny’s contract.


  1. Bob

    yeah, I was reading a bunch of other blogs and when I went back to the homepage there it was! pretty cool….it’s great they do this sort of thing as it helps us stay motivated to keep writing even during the offseason. Plus it’s great on the ego! 🙂

  2. Kellia

    It would help us stay motivated during the off-season if they would mention us on the front page so more people would find us. They took mention of the blogs off the front page just before the winter meetings, of all times!

  3. Bob

    this is true. they did that a couple times during the season as well. The front page is prime real estate though.

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