Battle of the Blogs

I’m The Loser?

Ok, so someone clicked over to my blog after reading the following article that was posted back in May 2005. I read this garbage and decided to give back to the guys over there. I’ve decided to take down the links I had because upon further review, it seems a feud is going on between MLBlogs and the other site so I’ll  pull for the winning team here. I also scrapped  everthing else in the article except the comment on me….

Then there’s this late MLB addition: The Deep Fried Fish Blog with Bob Yacuzzo. He’s a chef, and he likes the Florida Marlins. Get it? Follow Bob’s adventures as he: tells us he has three kids. And writes about, uh, baseball games he’s seen on TV. Jesus, give us something we can use, Bob. A recipe would be nice.

Now, the person that wrote this doesn’t even state anything factual about me besides my name. He obviously just skimmed over the profile to find something "uninteresting". At least he didn’t cut on my Grandfather. Here is my overly late response via email, since I couldn’t find a place to do so on the blog.

Funny I didn’t notice the article earlier in the year, but whatever. I just finished reading the 5/19 piece about mlblogs and enjoyed how you personally bashed me and my blog. The person that wrote this article must have been in a serious hurry because they obviously didn’t do their homework properly.

First off, I have two kids, I am no longer a chef by profession and I don’t watch the Marlins on tv as I live in NY and can’t get the games , so I watch them on the net. This was all clearly stated in my profile which hasn’t changed since I started. If you are going to bash someone for doing something they enjoy, to become more reputable, I would recommend being correct with your statements.

Moving on, I find it hillarious how the author complains that we are promoting MLB product and we are paying them for it. Well genius, when you go out and buy those Nike shoes with the Swoosh on it guess what you’re doing? If you claim to be a sports fan and must be by writing about sports…I bet you have a hat or jersey you purchased of your favorite team. Hey, you did it again! Did you go to McDonalds today? Better cover up the golden arches on your cup or you just might be called a hypocrite. The point is that you have a bad argument and well, you ****.

Thanks for the link though. I’m sure it helped the traffic to my site considerably.

Anyway, I really don’t care too much about this. The best thing is that someone actually found my blog interesting enough to at least post a paragraph on.

Have a nice Holiday everyone.


  1. Kellia


    That web site made a point of dissing every blogger here. I discovered a couple of months ago that they glommed on to my site, Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes, just 3 days after I started it, and compared me to the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction and the Kathy Bates character in Misery. Their evidence that I am some sort of demented stalker? A post reviewing a week’s worth of Byrnes’s AB’s day-by-day. My comment, “Oh, how I hate called strike 3” on one of the days Byrnesie was rung up “inspired” the Kathy Bates comparison.

    If the dissers had gone to Game 5 of the ALDS in 2003 as I did, rooted for the A’s and saw them lose that game with runners in scoring position and the last two batters getting rung up, after which the opposition (Boston) celebrated their series win our field, they might hate called strike three also.

    I thought about writing them to ream them a new one, but decided that it was not worth the effort. They would probably have considered my attempt to defend myself and my blog as further evidence of my weirdness. However, I did install a statcounter like yours a while back and noticed that a couple of folks have come over from that site. (Why do lousy things stay on the web as if they had been epoxyed there?) I only hope that they have seen what you have seen.

    You’ve been to my blog. You know that it is not all-Byrnes all the time. The title itself should alert people to that. Of course, that is evident now that the blog has had a few months to grow. A real reviewer, rather than the mere put-down artists these guys are, would have given my blog a chance to develop.

    I can’t help but feel that there was a certain sexism in their diss. If I had been a guy, they would perhaps have called me a geeky stats freak–and isn’t baseball a heavily statistical game?–but they would not have compared me to obsessed female movie characters. MLB has Player of the Week Awards. Someone has to review those stats in order to determine who the winners should be. Someone writes box scores; someone writes intros when players appear on radio and TV; someone writes player profiles for web sites and newspapers. All of these people would pay close attention to a player’s stats. None of them are considered weird for doing so. Am I considered weird because I am a) female and b) spending time on this even though I am not getting paid to write what I write?

    I also felt they were dissing Byrnesie indirectly. Would I be compared to menacing movie characters if I were writing about Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols? Or am I strange because, instead of sharing the American obsession with the very top of any field, I have a blog subtitled “Because in a team sport, it’s not just the superstars who count” and I care about the progress of a guy who is not going to be a candidate for the Hall of Fame?

    When Byrnes was with the A’s I never sat in left field among the people who hung an “Eric Byrnes Fan Club” banner over the railing; I prefer sitting on the right side because I finding keeping score easier that way. I have yet to catch one of his fairly regular Bay Area radio appearances; I don’t really care much for talk shows, sports or any other kind, even though, or perhaps because, I work part-time at the radio station that invented the format. I haven’t gone out of my way to attend any of his public appearances; for instance, Eric was in Walnut Creek, a town not far from here, on December 10th, helping Tony LaRussa raise funds for the Animal Rescue Foundation. On that day, I was selling my public affairs CDs at the KPFA Crafts Fair in San Francisco. I have nothing autographed by him and would not pay for an autograph, by Byrnes or any other celebrity, unless the money were to be a charitable contribution. Hmm, if I’m supposed to be some sort of Byrnes-obsessed weirdo, I guess I am not very good at it.

    I really would like to meet Eric Byrnes someday. The web site that dissed you, me and this whole blogosphere is part of a larger sports web site that has video and audio components and has featured Byrnes as a guest. (And again, I missed it when I found out; I was too busy working to attend to it). I can only hope that the idiots on that little corner of that larger sports site haven’t somehow managed to get to Byrnes and persuade him that I am some sort of dangerous freak. I am nothing of the sort. I can only hope that he would be willing some day to meet the author of the MLBlog that is partially named for him.

    You wrote, “Anyway, I really don’t care too much about this. The best thing is that someone actually found my blog interesting enough to at least post a paragraph on.”

    But to draw visitors, you don’t need people who are going to diss you and the space in which you write. Judging by your statcounter, people are finding their way here.

  2. Bob

    didn’t realize they had it out for everyone here. Clicking around there, some of the writing wasn’t that bad and somewhat worth reading. But if the only way for them to get readers is cut on other bloggers then that’s sad.

    Like I said, I put my thoughts out there and now I’m done with it.


    I was of a similar attitude in regards to paying for a blog on here, but you made a great point about logos on paraphernalia. I couldn’t justify paying for a blog when there are tons of free blogging sites, but then again I don’t have any kind of business to promote. Yet, I see how having a blog on a sister site to something as prominent as could get your name and opinions some good exposure, especially how they post the most recently updated blogs on the main page.

    Some people just like to attack to spark controversy. Unfortunately, most attempts at “controversy” these days are just feeble and immature.

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