As The Baseball Spins

More Offseason Action

Well, it seems the Florida Marlins now have their coaching staff together:
Manager Joe Girardi
Bench Coach Gary Tuck
Pitching Coach Rick Kranitz
Hitting Coach Jim Presley
Third Base Coach Bobby Meacham
Bullpen Coach Mike Harkey
Bullpen Coordinator Pierre Arsenault

I’d like to welcome all of you to the new and um, well new Marlins!

Maybe it’s because I’m a great fan blinded from reality, but I really believe when this team is completed during spring training, we will all be pleasantly surprised by how good this team will be. If it doesn’t happen this year, it will very soon. Many of us are saddened by the recent moves but this is reality and this is our team. I’m spending my offseason trying to learn everything about the new players so I know who is at bat when their name is called.

Around MLB
Juan Encanarcion is now a Cardinal…good for him. Maybe he will finally have a breakout year. Doubt it but you never know.

Johnny Damon is a traitor…according to the Boston faithful. Whatever. The Sox should have acted sooner if they really wanted the guy to stay.

Sidney Ponson is a Cardinal…until he drives drunk into the new Cardinals Stadium. So much potential, turn it around big guy, ok?

Reggie Sanders is a Royal…yeah, neither do I. At least the small market Royals are making an effort.

Politics and Baseball

Is the inaugural World Baseball Classic slowly falling apart before our eyes? With the US government declining Cuba a chance to play in our country and now Puerto Rico, host of Rounds One and Two in Pool C & 2, are withdrawing as hosts of the classic…this could turn into a disaster. Let’s hope the new application, which I believe states that any financial gain by the Cubans will go to charity, goes through. If not, it appears that politics has once again ruined something that would bring unity and genuine competition in an otherwise screwy world.

Let’s get this thing rolling, shall we?

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