World Baseball Classic

WbcI don’t know about anyone else, but I am stoked about this tourney. The World Series will always be the World Series, this to me is like a true championship of the world. Each country is represented my their own countrymen, along with pro players from the US that have a background from other countries like Mike Piazza can play for Italy. Eventually as this thing grows, ALL of the individual countries can just field their own players. If I was still in Florida you can bet I’d buy tickets to all of the games, but instead I’ll watch or listen on

I’ll probably get a USA hat and t-shirt or something and maybe and Aussie hat just because the colors are cool. Then I might go for something Italy, just because that’s half of my ancestry.

But my biggest disapointment came with the news about Cuba not being allowed to play in the US. I won’t get into politics, but I will say I agree. However, this team would have been one of the favorites to win in my opinion. Not because I know who is on the team, rather the product that has previously been on the Cuban National Team. Not sure what country will represent instead, if any, but either way it’s all good.

I’ll get into it a little more down the road as the time comes near…but for now now I’ll familiarize myself with all of the teams and players so I can enjoy every minute of this great new tournament.

on a side note:

I want JP back.

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