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Unfortunately I was away during a very sad yet newsworthy week for the Florida Marlins…but I’m back to comment on the recent happenings.

Carlos Delgado to the Mets, officially.
Returns- Mike Jacobs, Yusmeiro Petit & Grant Psomas.

Winner: Mets

We received a decent pitcher in Petit and a fast up and comer in Mike Jacobs, but the Mets have the most consistant left handed run producer in the league.

Lowell, Beckett to the BoSox
Returns- Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez & Jesus Delgado
Winner: Red Sox
No brainer here, especially if Lowell returns to all-star form and Beckett continues to become dominant. Expect Ramirez to start at shortstop for the Fish and Sanchez to maybe make an appearance this year. In the long run, this may be a push, but the Sox come out big time for now. Hey, at least we got a Delgado back.

Career Marlin Castillo To The Twins
Returns- Travis Bowyer and Scott Tyler
Winner: Twins, hands down
I guess what really bothers me about this trade is that the Twins of all teams took on Luis’ contract. Now, I like the Twins and follow their AAA team closely…but if the "small market" of Minnesota can afford him, why couldn’t we? What might be just as bad to me is that Luis had been a Marlin since the beginning. He grew up within the organization, became an all-star and a seasoned veteran with us. It’s like the face of the Marlins is disappearing. The two pitchers we received in return may have promise but doesn’t compare(at this time) to what Luis brings.

Mets Reel In LoDuca
Returns- Gaby Hernandez
Winner: Push
We were happy to have Paul LoDuca as a Marlin, but his declining skills as a catcher and his alarming loss of power (not that he ever had much) made me think this was actually a good move. I really don’t know too much about Hernandez, but it seems certain Met fans are upset about letting him go.

Now, the big rumor going around is about Juan Pierre being sent out. The good news for Marlin fans is that there seems to be many teams in the running and asking the Yankees for Robinson Cano isn’t that crazy after all. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Cano and he would be one of the players I wouldn’t mind getting for JP.

When all is done in this "market correction"/fire sale, we will probably have the youngest team in the majors. The difference between this year and the fire sale after the 1997 season is that we still have a few very young, but well established superstar material in Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis.

With this painful couple of weeks coming to a close, it’s about that time to reflect on what just happened. Can we put the blame on Jeffrey Loria solely? No. He gave the fans in Florida a chance to show up at the ballpark bringing in top talent to compete with the best in the league. Do we blame us, the fans? Not fully. Those not from South Florida don’t understand what it’s like to have threatening skies on a daily basis and wonder if the game will be rained out or not. I’ve been to so many games that were delayed because of rain, including getting soaked in the process. Even when I did the Food Network show , we had a rain delay. There aren’t that many walk ups because of this. To get a retractable roof stadium in my opinion would increase attendance significantly. I can’t back this up with hard data, but come on, it’s obvious. There needs to be an agreement made on this stadium deal or we can kiss the Marlins goodbye.

While we wait and see what move the Marlins make next, let’s stay strong as fans and show the Marlins the support they need to stay.

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