Is It That Important ESPN?

Earlier today, I was over at and while reading the sports headlines I noticed a link to aSavethefish1_2

story about a fan site that is trying to keep Manny Ramirez. The site is called Now, I think it’s great ESPN is covering a fan site being the media powerhouse that it is…but why this one? We as Marlin fans are organizing a site to save the whole baseball team from relocating! Once we get the actual domain name established,(I already have it will take off for sure. Right now, someone has a geocities site that has some great info on it.

The question is will, or any other of the big dogs support us once we go live? If they can give Manny Ramirez fans’ a HUGE plug on the front page, why can’t we get the same luxury for trying to save an entire team?

I’m just glad I can at least get it of the ground here at MLBlogs.

Let’s hope it all leads to the Marlins staying in Florida.


  1. Carl

    i admire your loyalty—reminds me of how upset I got when the Raiders left Oakland. Too bad the rest of Florida isn’t as passionate. You should have an on line petition with electronic signature and see how many names you can get. By April you could have enough to get ESPN’s or at least MLB.Com’s attention.

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