The End Is Near

I go on vacation for a week and the biggest Florida Marlins news blows up and I’mWsgame1pic1 not here to blog about it. I’ll be getting my laptop soon so that should help, but until then, I’ll deal.

After multiple blogs about how the Marlins have no where to move and it wouldn’t happen, it appears I have been mistaken. The events that have taken place over the last week is just repulsive for a Marlins fan. Just coming in this morning from North Carolina and driving 13 hours straight, I’m still trying to get all of the info on what has taken place. I had bits and pieces, but being up in the Smoky Mountains and enjoying time away from the world, my info was limited. Of course I can count on my friends at Marlinsbaseball.com to quickly fill me in on the bad news.

First off, the Beckett deal. It seems the only way to get rid of Lowell’s contract was to give up another future financial burden, Josh Beckett. Didn’t see this one coming, although it makes sense moneywise. The only good that came from this as a Marlin fan is that we did get some great minor league prospects and I can see at least two of them, Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez in the bigs next year. Not that they would necasarily make a huge splash, but would offer some help and hopefully some excitment. At least we didn’t get garbage in return and the duo of Beckett and Lowell didn’t go to another NL club, specifically the East.

On that note, I am saddened to see Carlos Delgado is not a Marlin anymore. What’s worse however is that he was sent to NL East rival NY Mets. In this deal, we recieved some decent prospects and I’ve heard Mike Jacobs has the best shot as our first baseman next year.

A_marlinsfans_tpi Look, I can go on and on about what is happening to our beloved franchise, but I have said what I feel here and in other posts on "Deep Fried" over the last few months. I’d like to give the readers here some other Marlin Fans perspectives…the real fans. Most of us at Marlinsbaseball.com have been together for over five years and have been through so much emotionally, good and bad. Take the time to read these over, as these are not from bandwagon fans that pop up right around playoff time, but fans that have been loyal even through the rough years. I hope as non Marlin fans, you will see some real passion and understand why baseball in South Florida is a need for most of us. The perception of all South Florida fans as being unsupportive is just not legitimate. Even myself living now in New York State, I support the Fish by blogging here and paying my fee to do so. I am also a subscriber to MLB.tv so I can watch them now that I’m away. Not sure if any of that goes to the Fish, but in some way, would imagine it does. Heck, I even went to see a Mets game when the Marlins came to town… three hours away from where I live.

So, here are some links to how a few other Marlins fans feel. I think you will all see what true Fish fans are about and what our point of view on things are.


Adam, aka Das Texan

Expo Fans Chime In

On The Beckett Deal

Other Fans

Thanks for reading and there will definetly be more to come on my end for sure.

Save the Marlins From Extinction.

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