The Marlins Imminent Breakup

Delgado to the Mets
Delgado to the O’s
Delgado to Everyone
Lowell AND Beckett to Texas for Blalock and either Diamond or Danks?
JP to the Cubs
Loduca to wherever

We still don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s apparent the Marlins need to cut payroll and as a fan, I understand. Few went to the games, even with superstar Delgado and a very promising team. I just hope for the sake of survival for south Florida baseball that it’s not all of the above. The rumor about Blalock amuses me because (A) we don’t need him, unless Delgado is gone, (B) we would be dissolving our only main strong point, the starting pitching and finally the really funny part,(C) it’s said Texas doesn’t want to give up Diamond or Danks in the deal. Um, what the heck is Ranger GM Jon Daniels thinking? To get a pitcher like Beckett by giving up ONE of your top pitching spects is a steal. Especially when the prospect didn’t have a great year. I for one am glad this is the case.

So, we all sit here and wait for the inevitable to happen, let’s just hope we can get Lastings Millege in this soon to be disaster.


  1. Kellia


    I don’t want Lastings Milledge to go anywhere but to Shea Stadium as a Met.

    And considering that he’s a CF prospect and the Mets just traded their CF-Turned-RF Mike Cameron to the Padres, there’s hole in the Mets outfield. Milledge may be the Mets next “we know you are a CF, but we need you in RF because Beltran is in CF” guy.

    Where is the planning in the Marlins front office? Why get Delgado and LoDuca in the first place if they are going to be too expensive in a year/year and a half?

    The end of the Beckett/Lowell article at says “The Marlins are in a difficult financial situation because of stalled stadium negotiations with Miami officials.”

    Is it really the stadium or is it really that fans are not attending, as you have pointed out? And are they not attending because they can’t relate to a team that gets taken apart every few years to reduce payroll?

    Please write us an article about what’s up with the stadium in Miami.

  2. Bob

    here’s a link to some updated marlins ballpark news:

    as well as here:

    The question on why the Marlins signed Delgado in my opinion was a show of good faith to the city of Miami and the fans that Loria is willing to spend on this team if there would be a new stadium built and that the fans would show up at the games. So far, neither happened. Now Loria is showing what is going to happen since what he was hoping for didn’t happen. Sad, but understandable. I’ll place a feed here for some ballpark info in just a bit.

    Thanks for writing.

    btw, I saw Lastings play at Binghamton this year…one game in particular he had four hits and looks great on the bases.

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