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The biggest news from the GM meetings from today is…..Nothing! But let’s have some patience. I have a feeling this will be a decent off season as far as trading goes. As for the Fish, looks like our core has the chance to be no more. According to a Miami newspaper which I don’t really care for, so I’ll credit for the info, the Marlins are dangling Delgado, Lowell, Pierre and LoDuca. Fine, not that I would like this, but get rid of LoDuca and Lowell. I for one hope Mike goes somewhere and gets his groove back. But JP is a great leadoff guy and to have someone like Carlos in our lineup producing the way he has is a blessing. If any of these players do get traded I would hope we would get quality prospects that are just about ready for the bigs. To gut this team would surely put a dagger through any fan base the Marlins have left and would mean a move would be imminent in the eyes of many.

Which brings me to this little side note. Where would the Marlins move if this were to take place? Lets see.

I can’t see how any other city in the US can support the Marlins any better than we do here. Who are the choices? Indianapolis, uh, no. New Orleans, sorry. Nashville, Utah, San Antonio, Memphis, Buffalo? Get real. Buffalo might have a shot with the heavy support the AAA Bisons get, but I doubt it. Oh and Las Vegas as an option? Give me a break, that support might last a year and all that would happen is it would turn into some lame showgirl thing where baseball would be a side event. So, the Fish aren’t moving.

Moving on, it would also be nice to see Javier Vazquez in teal. Not sure what we would have to give up but if it was fair, I would take it. I drool at what what our rotation would look like.

Why would anyone pay Trevor Hoffman $25.5 Million over three years? Yes sir you had Hall of Fame type numbers over the years and truly deserve the respect of everyone that loves the game, but at age 38, you should have taken that 2 year/ $10 mil deal the Pads offered you buddy. End your career with an up and coming team and the team that you shined with for so many years.

Being a Marlins fan, I can tell you the closer postion is somewhat overrated. It is a skilled position, but the Fish just roll these players out like the Broncos in the NFL do running backs. Some to point out over the last few years, not including Bryan Harvey because he was already established:

Braden Looper
Trevor Hoffman

Robb Nen
Matt Mantei
Antonio Alfonseca
Armando Benitez (comeback)
Todd Jones (comeback)
Ugueth Urbina

did I forget anyone? probably.

So anyway, here’s to having a great off season and a knock on wood the Marlins don’t purge the team into Les Expos.


  1. Kellia

    The possibility that the gys you mentioned, especially LoDuca and Delgado, whom the Marlins just got, could be traded, explains why I rooted for the Yanks over the Fish in the 2003 World Series, even though I am not a Yankees fan. I cannot warm up to a team that periodically gets disassembled to keep the payroll down. The post World’s Championship fire sale was just disgusting.

    As Huston Street of the A’s said when he was named AL ROY, it takes a while for a team to learn to play together. Somebody who gets a bunch of guys together with the idea that they will instantly be great, attn: Steinbrenner, doesn’t understand team dynamics, and someone who would pull a team apart after a year, either right after a championship, or before they’ve had a chance to gel, to reduce payroll, cares nothing for the players or the fans. Such a person or ownership group should be selling shoes.

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