Shafted, But Respected

I waited all day for the news, but I knew deep down that the Dtrain wasn’t goingDtrain2_5 
to win the Cy Young this year. You know that feeling that no matter how hard you plead your case that everyone has their mind made up.

However, with Dontrelle getting 112 overall points and eleven first place votes it shows me that the voters gave him the respect he deserves. This guy did it all for us this year and without him the season would have been lost sometime in mid summer. The Cardinals on the other hand would have been just fine without Carpenters performance. One could say that issue should be dealt with the MVP award and not the Cy Young the way D kept us alive, but there are only a few league MVP’s that were pitchers in recent memory.

With that said, Chris Carpenter is a worthy recipient of this award. His stats are elite and he only had one bad month. Congrats Chris, you deserve it.

And hey, I look at it this way, the way Dontrelle looked this year he will have plenty more opportunities to win. I suppose the next few title runs we make will bring him up a notch.

Thanks for a great season Dontrelle, I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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