A Quick Thanks

To All of My Visitors!

Having a stat counter is great. About once a week, I go to my account at StatCounter and check on who is coming to my site. Now, obviously it doesn’t give me the names of the readers, but I can see what city/state the reader is from along with what led them to my page. One of the funniest things I see is a Google search done on "what kind of fish to fry" or just "deep fried fish". I can only imagine what the person was thinking when they clicked the link, maybe expecting a recipe for fried cod and then getting the rundown on why Dontrelle should win the NL Cy Young. So again, thanks for stopping at my blog….even though the majority(this week 80.4%) only stays for 0-5 seconds. I did have someone on for over six hours though!

Back to Baseball

I just read an article on MLB.com about the Tigers possibly getting in on the A.J. sweepstakes. It looks like the chronic complainer is going to be getting a huge payday from someone. Good for him…I suppose. The more I study the economics of the game, the more I realize that most players get big bucks just for their potential. We all know A.J. hasn’t done really anything spectacular, sans the no-hitter a couple of years ago. Take Carl Pavano. The guy was nothing but potential, had a decent year with the Fish and got paid. Jarret Wright with the Braves, to the Yankees same thing. I know A.J. has special "stuff" and one day can be a great pitcher, but the risk seems kind of high. Give a guy $10 mil plus a year for potential seems a bit weak. Eric Millton comes to mind as well. He always seems to have a winning record but the ERA is astronomical.

For instance. Take Brandon Webb:

Over the last three years, Webb has compiled a losing 31-37 record with a better than average 3.35 ERA

Compare it to Milton’s last three:

23-21, a winning record with a putrid 5.70 ERA. And, if you look over his career, his ERA is 4.99 and yet still has a winning record of 79-72. The Phillies gave him a one year deal for $9 mil, but the Reds were wise and signed him for only about $5 mil this past year. In return, he finally showed his true colors by posting an 8-15 record and a predictable 6.47 ERA. Meanwhile, Webb has been in the DBacks organization for about 5 years and finally made just over $1 mil. I can only hope players like Webb get their due, and that’s usually the case. Hey, I even feel Dontrelle should have another great season like the one he just had before he sees the green.


have a good day.


  1. mattjoy4@yahoo.ca

    A.J. may be considered a ‘chronic complainer’, but we’d sure love to have him pitch in Canada. I am praying that the Jays will beat out the Tigers for his services.

    great blog.

    Matt J – the cold North

  2. Bob

    thanks for the comment! As a lifetime Oriole fan(see my profile about that) I can say I don’t want to see AJ in Toronto. Like I said, he has the stuff to be a great pitcher, but he’s had ample time to show it and I really haven’t seen it shine through. With that said, I wouldn’t mind him going to the O’s, as long as they don’t overpay.

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