Best of the Best 2005

The Bobby Awards

It’s awards time everyone, and just like everyone else….I have my own awards, the Bobby’s.

Todd Jones

Am I a homer? Yes. He may not have as many saves as the top candidates, however seeing what Jones did for the Fish for the majority of the season when Mota faultered sold me. He was clutch in key situations, but caved a little down the stretch. The Marlins would have been far worse without him.

NL Cy Young:
See My Blog About This Here

AL Cy Young:
Bartolo Colon
21 wins and a decent 3.48 ERA did it for me. And he was clutch down the stretch. My only beef with him besides the belly is taht he didn’t have a shutout the whole year.


Andrew Jones
If it wasn’t for him, the Braves wouldn’t have finished first.


Paul Konerko
Huge stats? NO, but enough and was a key player in the Sox run.


Ryan Howard
Put up the stats in place of Thome. Had a man crush on him since I saw him in Scranton. Will be a huge star in the game.


Robinson Cano
Shined in the Bronx. Everytime I see him play I think of Jeter. Not in the style or leadership, but just how he came up in the organization and made a splash from the get go.

Manager of the Year:
NL: Bobby Cox
Another division title with less than he ever had? Give this vote to someone else and you have issues.
AL:Ozzie Guillen

This is a no brainer. Even without the Series win, he led the ChiSox to a great regular season and got the most from his players in only his second year.

That’s about it for now, feel free to slam my picks.


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