That’s a Wrap

What A Season It Was

I for one had no idea that the two teams in the World Series would be the White Sox and the Astros. This was an incredible year in the baseball world and an exciting one for me. The activity at has continued to grow and prove there are many more Florida Marlin fans than many people think. I was able to share my thoughts on this forum as well which really made me look deeper into the games instead of just the boxscore. I enjoyed the game this year because we were able to pay attention to baseball and not all of the hoopla around someone breaking the home run record. At this point I refuse to speak about the controversy of steroids that brought the game down early on. There was just so much more to concentrate on than garbage like that…let’s move on. Only until the playoffs did I realize that not one pitcher in MLB have a no-hitter this year. Usually I pick up on that stuff, maybe I was just too involved with one club to take notice.

I’d like to extend a huge congrats to the Chicago White Sox on the series win. Again, whoda thunkit. I couln’t believe my O’s did as well as they did early on, but it was a typical ending as they fell with a thud and a big one at that. Still, it wasn’t as bad as the Fish not making a stronger run.

Thanks MLB for a great season.

I’d also like to announce that I’ll be working on a new website, blog andShowletter4_1
all, called SportCooks. I have a few ideas of what I will do with it, but all I can ask is to be patient as I try do put this thing together. It was originally supposed to be a show about sports and tailgating that my friend Jeff and I were going to host, probably on a PodCast or something. I was a bit troubled when my first baby, "SportsCook" (notice the slight change in spelling) was snatched up by someone trying to make a quick buck. I had that name since 2000 and the only reason I lost it was that a former aquaintance couldn’t be contacted to renew it. I tried some things with it but it really didn’t catch on, it was basically just for fun. I’m really going to concentrate on the new site though so I hope when it really goes live you all will enjoy it.

If you really want a laugh, check out my OLD SportsCook site that I made like 4 or five years ago. OK, no more laughing…seriously, you can stop, no really…..

Have a good week everyone.

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    GREAT… IT ACTULLY WAS A GREAT SEASON, A SEASON TO REMEMBER. the Sox did what nobody thought they would do, as will as the Astros.finally the SOX ended an 88 years of sadness.. we r so happy here in chicago.. yesterday we had a parade and a ralley and it was a great great day to be living in… i loved it… i am PROUD OF THE WHITE SOX.

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