Pujols….Serious Clutchness

PujolsAt first, I thought I was dreaming. I have a little cold working in my head so I decided to hit the NyQuil. That stuff just knocks me out no matter how hard I fight. So I close my eyes, open them really wide only for them to close again in seconds. The Astros, the team that I am going for btw, were leading and looked like they were poised to win. I just wanted to see the team rush the field so I tried to stay awake. My eyes felt like they had five pound weights on them. After a few sessions of going in and out of conciousness, there are two RedBirds on base with Pujols coming up. Now, it was possible but unlikely. Open….close….open….close….open…..BAM!!! I saw it come off his bat like a freaking rocket. I just couldn’t believe it. If that’s not the biggest clutch hit of his career, I don’t know what was. What really upset me was, that I now had to force myself awake to watch the end of the game to see if the Stros would come back. They didn’t, and even though I think I saw the end of the game, I’m not sure.

It’s all good though, just more baseball to watch for me!

World Series

I personally will enjoy whatever team makes it to the Series against the Sox. It’s something different than Yankees vs *insert team name here* that we have seen since like what 1996?

Enough for now, I need another NyQuil.

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