Time Flies

As the Season Turns

It’s been awhile since I have posted on here. I went from a daily blogger to a monthly throughout the season. It’s actually that I’ve been really busy with family and such, but I still have had time to watch baseball. During my sabbatical, the Florida Marlins have gone from a sinking ship to thundering torwards the NL wildcard. Amazingly, they are actually still in the running to take over the Braves in the East as well…although it will be tough to do. With that crushing loss to the Cards last night, I can only hope the Fish put it behind them and take over the wildcard spot over the next two days. It seems even with injuries, the Marlins have still prevailed, which to me is a sign of a championship team. The Marlins have developed another future ace in Jason Vargas. Only 22 and looking this good in his short time in the bigs, he may be the key to the Marlins playoff spot.

In the same time the Marlins got back on track, the Baltimore Orioles have imploded. From what was an amazing season, soon became a nightmare as the pitching gave way and the bats went silent. Even Brian Roberts fell off a little but has still put together a fine season. He can’t carry this team, no one can. I had high hopes for Sidney Ponson as did many, but his recent string of mishaps and run-ins with the law have just destroyed that. I hope they dump his contract and move on. The season is pretty much lost. Time to think ahead to next year.

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