Fast Track

Willis Overpowering; Wins 15th

After having a couple of bad outings after the All Star Break, Dontrelle Willis showed the flash that was the heart of the Marlins during the first half. Dtrain went 8 shutout innings only allowing 4 hits and striking out four en route to his 15th victory and keeping the Marlins alive in the wildcard race. Niner continues his success at the plate getting two hits and knocking in the Marlins only two runs. This is what is the difference between an average team and a championship team is . When your star player (Delgado) goes down, the replacement keeps it going. Conine is a pro and will always deserve the title "Mr. Marlin".

The National League West is a joke.The Rockies still have a shot if they get hot. Sad, sad, sad.

It’s possible the Orioles can fall into last place if they keep up this pace of crappin out. What was once a promising begining is turing into my worst nightmare. Only a short month and a half ago, I was concerned about a Florida-Baltimore World Series…now I’ll be lucky if one makes the playoffs.

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