Yes, Hockey.

A little off the beaten path of baseball….I’m a Buffalo Sabre fan and I’m sick to my stomach the team didn’t sign Miroslav Satan and now it seems he has just signed with the Islanders. If the lowly Sabres don’t get someone worth anything, their season is officially lost even before it begins. How can you not sign your best player! I haven’t felt this torqued since Michael Peca left. Luckily I still have love in my heart for the Tampa Bay Lightning which I worked for a couple years ago. At least they have some serious upside. The good news, well maybe, for the Sabres is that their top minor league affiliate, the Rochester Amerks had a great year and produced some top talent including goalie Ryan Miller.

I do have to share I got a chuckle from the headline when I found out this news. It read something like, "Sabres Don’t Offer Satan Contract". Yeah, I know the jokes are old, but I still thought it was funny. My response was that it needed to be the other way around for the Sabres to win any games this year. We’ll see.


A little baseball…Looks like the Marlins are quietly gaining some momentum in the NL East. The only thing that’s really worrying me is the over extended day-to-day benching of Carlos Delgado and his elbow. Luckily the Fish are still winning for the most part, but we need his big bat in there to keep it up. If he’s hurt that bad, get him on the DL and bring up some help. We’ll see tonight if he’s in against St. Louis, if not it’s time to make a move.

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