Return to New York

But More Like Escape From NY

Well, we went to our second game at Shea in a month, which is no easy task considering its a four hour drive. This time however was a little different than the last. For one, the Braves were playing. I’ve seen the Braves in Florida more times than I would like. Even worse, my friend is a Braves fan. She was dissapointed at the outcome but at least for a day the Fish didn’t lose any more ground.

The last time we came we had an air conditioned skybox. This time my body became the a/c as I probably lost 10 pounds due to the sweat that continually poured from me as I marinated in the humidity. Rain was always threatening and eventually attacked, only just enought to get us annoyed. Then the sun came out. I was already drenched by rain and sweat, then the temperature became what I can only describe as a blast furnace. It was bad. We tried to sneak up to the Diamond Club to get some drinks and cool off in the A/C, but was turned away becasue we weren’t snobby enough. Plus we didn’t have tickets.

The highlight of the day came as I was getting back into the awful seats at Shea. These were the most uncomfortable seats I have ever been to at any sporting event. This is 000_0251including the ice cold frozen bench seating I sat through at my step brothers hockey games. And what’s with those **** bars in between each section? It seems like they put them there just to annoy people. Anyway, so as I was squeezing my fat self back in, I spilled what was luckily only water onto this lady’s back. Ten minutes later the spill was still there so I decided to get a picture of it.

The game was pretty much a blowout but it was live baseball and that’s all that matters.

The Drive Home

The last trip was a pleasant one as going throught downtown Manhatten was quite smooth. This time….well, it’s what I pictured the City to be like. It was maddening. Heavy traffic, wrong turns and plenty of people. We finally escaped, taking plenty of pictures along the way. I think all together for a 3 hour ball game, I was away for about 13 hours. At least I had good friends to make the day a success.


What’s going on with this team? The answers are not that easy to come by. It’s obvious managment believes the season is over trying to trade AJ and Lowell. I think we let Jack finish the year out and go out on his own terms. He made us Marlin fans proud to be be just that. He managed us a MmarlinWorld Series title and for that he should be given that opportunity. In today’s world, many of us forget the good things people do in a short period of time. It hasn’t even been two years and many of us are calling for his head on a platter. Remember Marlin fans, we have won two World Series titles in ten years. It took a storied franchise like the Red Sox 86 years. Feel honored to have been a part of this and look at it this way. If the season is over, which it’s not, we can always have high hopes for next year.

But I still say we take the wildcard.

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