All Star Game

Deep Fried Style2005_allstargame

So Bud….do you think I should start Dontrelle in tonights game? Chris Carpenter deserves it oh so much more than him. Mr. Willis hasn’t done too much this season. What’s four shutouts? Who cares. My pitcher has a good record on a much more talented team and all Dontrelle has done is keep his team afloat during a very disappointing season for the team.

Oh well sure I guess so. Nobody really wants to see a true superstar start the All Star Game. I don’t think anyone will notice that you are starting Carpenter because he’s on your team.

I knew this was coming. Dontrelle deserved to start today but I won’t dwell on it too much. IT’s just an exhibition but it stil is about respect. I remember when Bobby Cox didn’t get Ryan Dempster in the game back in 2000, I was really upset. Dempster never made it back to the game and that was his only time to enjoy it. Ithink DTrain has alot more upside than Dempster and will have many opportunities, but to be able to start is such an honor. I’ll enjoy the game either way though.

Deep Fried First Half MVP’s

Brian Roberts, Baltimore Orioles
This guy has been nothing but clutch and has been the main reason the O’s have been hovering in or near first place all season. Don’t question the pick.

Dontrelle Freakin Willis
The Marlins are nowhere without him.

Cy Young

See above.

Jon Garland, White Sox
He’s had an average month, but he has been clutch all season. I feel his success is a huge reason the Sox are where they are today in the standings.

they game is about to start, gotta go. I’ll just post this unfinished and complete it later instead of saving it. This is going to be a great game.

Oh Fox…you just dropped the ball cutting off Ernie. Bad, bad timing.

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